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Raleigh, North Carolina, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It’s well-known that working capital is the spark of life for companies, irrespective of their sizes. With working capital and cash flow deficit, a firm won’t take much time to sink. Renowned Fintech Company, VIP Capital Funding, has successfully fuelled small and mid-sized businesses with finances for the past 4 years through their expert consultants.

As shared by the founder, Joshua Triplett, “Our adept leaders, senior vice president Carlos Hernandez, senior funding director Cheynne Chong and chief financial officer Kenneth Lewis along with the entire team have supported the growth of several companies by obtaining funds from our private investors.”

Joshua E Triplett
Owner and Executive Principal Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding :Joshua E Triplett

Businesses suffering from working capital shortage were elated to receive the capital which has been utilised strategically. The founder is already planning to help more businesses avail working capital, as Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) come to an end when 2022 set in. He aims to drive the progress and development of small and middle-sized businesses countrywide.

“Working capital comes in multiple forms like Asset Based collateral Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, Lines of Credit and SBA Loans,” informed Joshua Triplett. He added that businesses that have benefitted from the credit have deployed the funds in various sectors wherever necessary, including equipment, inventory, staffing, material, payroll and more.

Many of these business owners also claimed tax exemption, thereby, waiving off the interest payable. Others negated the cost of interest by either having high-profit margins which fast-track revenue growth or purchasing in bulk.

VIP Capital Funding primarily supports businesses that produce a minimum annual revenue of $300k and acquire between anything $30k and $1MM+ in 24 – 48 hours only. Banks generally need excessive due diligence and as long as 60 days on average to sanction the fund. On the contrary, VIP Capital Funding gets the entire procedure done and sanctions funds to business owners with minimum documentation.

Joshua Triplett, the founder of VIP Capital Funding, said, “Our process begins with a detailed consultation with the client to understand his or her business requirements. Following this, an electronic application is emailed to the guarantor along with a request seeking bank statements of 3 to 6 months.”

That’s all! We’ll get the best loan offer for the client’s business through our widespread lender and investor network,” added the founder.

VIP Capital Funding aims to provide simple and productive financial offers to every business owner seeking working capital finance. Some of the many factors of their client satisfaction include 100% transparency, considerate communication and attention to detail.

When COVID-19 was rampant, banks faced a working capital shortage for small and medium businesses. Even their in-house lending partners suffered from defaults from clients who failed to make payments owing to the pandemic situation. This is when VIP Capital Funding guided numerous businesses and helped them with SBA PPP and EIDL funding to get through this tough season. It empowered the companies to thrive on the New Year effortlessly.

According to Joshua Triplett, “As COVID-19 regulations are dissolving gradually, we anticipate a great opportunity coming up for businesses to obtain working capital in the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.”

VIP Capital Funding has started providing collateralised 30-year business loans which come at single-digit interest rates. It also incurs no prepayment penalties and offers monthly payment structures. Funding of this financial product ranges from $100k to $20MM and closes within 30 to 45 days around.

The high-value business loan brings more capital and is significantly more time-efficient than any other traditional financial product from the bank. The minimum due diligence needed to process include one funding application, bank statements of the last 3 – 6 months, executed commission agreement and a property asset sheet.

Note that any residential property, commercial property or land can be pledged as collateral against the funds on the condition that the loan to value of the business asset is 50/50 along with a minimum of 50% equity. It takes only 24 – 48 hours for approval. This credit is especially appropriate for companies seeking multimillion-dollar business capital loans.

During the waiting period before sanction, there are bridge loans that borrowers can utilise to cover their immediate needs. This funding ranges from $30k to $1MM+ with repayment terms of 6 – 24 months. No prepayment penalties are levied. In fact, borrowers can at times avail a prepayment discount with terms and conditions applied.

About the Company

VIP Capital Funding is a reputed Fintech company based in Raleigh NC that is rapidly growing. Led by the talented Joshua Triplett, the firm has 20+ proficient employees working to provide financial assistance to business owners. Its mission is to dedicatedly help businesses grow by availing working capital and also enhance their cash flow through quick and simple procedures. Under the leadership of Joshua Triplett, the firm has helped hundreds of companies avail EIDL of up to $150,000 during pandemic times. Some of their all-time exclusive offers include zero upfront fees, fast processing, repeat customer benefits, etc. VIP Capital Funding, thus, enjoys exceptional customer service, trustworthiness and transparency.

Contact Details:

Joshua E Triplett: LinkedIn and Twitter handles

VIP Capital Funding:


Office Phone: 800-735-7754


Carlos Hernandez, Senior Vice President

Direct: 919-300-0203


Cheynne Chong, Senior Finance Director

Direct: 919-521-8451


Kenneth Lewis, Chief Financial Officer

Direct: 661-449-7305


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