Vijayendra Kumeria: You need to find a way to strike a balance between work and personal life


Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) For Vijayendra Kumeria, love means understanding, trusting, and respecting one another. The ‘Udaan’ actor feels “love is like oxygen”. To live happily one needs a lot of giving and the feeling of that love.

Love means different things to different people at different stages of life. “Yes, love cannot be just restricted to just romance. It’s a feeling you share with not only your partner but with your family and friends as well. All forms of love have different significance and importance in life,” adds the ‘Naagin 4’ actor.

On whether celebrities who are mostly busy always chasing their dreams often fail to find love, the actor shares how he looks at it.

“Well, name and fame are main ingredients of our industry, but what are you going to do with all the name and fame if you are not happy? Fame is temporary, you must understand this and give importance to your real relationships in life if you really want to be happy. Every relationship is about give and take. You cannot expect to be loved if you yourself are self-centered and selfish. Blaming the industry won’t help. One has to be balanced and realistic and such a person does find love for sure,” he concludes.



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