Versatile New KwikPro Tool Helps to Renovate and Electrify Versatile Classic Vehicle – KwikPro Crowdfunding from 21 June

The KwikPro Motor Handle is shown with a Rotary Drill Attachment and Impact Wrench Attachment on the battery boxes of a Classic Land Rover being renovated and electrified.

KwikPro Motor Handle and Tool Attachments including Rotary Drill and Impact Wrench are being used on renovation and electrification of Classic Land Rover.

The new KwikPro system is shown including KwikPro Motor Handles variously with attached and unattached KwikPro tool attachments  and KwikMachine behind.

New KwikPro Motor Handles can power a whole range of tool attachments and much more.

The new KwikPro Motor Handle is shown lifting a car while attached to and powering an adapted scissor-lift jack.

A KwikPro Motor Handle can power all kinds of things for work and leisure, including an adapted scissor jack to quickly lift the corner of a car.

A new era of innovation and versatility has arrived with the patented KwikPro motor-handle system which can power anything from tools to boats and much more

Use KwikPro to power all kinds of things from serious work tools to fun kit and much more. KwikPro is as versatile at powering things as a Land Rover is versatile at going anywhere and doing anything.”

— Robert Fowler, Inventor and Founder.

TIVERTON, DEVON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, June 15, 2022 / — The versatile, new KwikPro® motor-handle system is being used to completely renovate and convert a classic Land Rover to an electric vehicle. With its unique power-it-all capabilities the KwikPro® tool system majors on versatility just as the four-wheel-drive Land Rover did when it was advertised as “The World’s Most Versatile Vehicle” 57 years ago. The KwikPro system is set to launch on as part of a worldwide pre-orders campaign scheduled to start Tuesday 21st June 2022.

KwikPro motor handles are aiming to compliment and revolutionise the world of power tools with their power-it-all versatility. Few products exist with the capability to provide cordless motor power for more than just individual tools and appliances – until now. Introducing the innovative KwikPro motor handle system, designed to power and repower numerous tools, machines, consumer and professional products.

Created and designed by Robert Fowler, a seasoned engineer with extensive experience in motor and battery-powered innovations, KwikPro is a product with unique capabilities and features. This one-of-a-kind modular system has seen years of development, as Fowler has worked tirelessly to create a product with the versatility to be used in innumerable projects, industries and situations.

Offering greater capabilities than traditional power tools, the patented KwikPro system features quick-fitting motor handles, attachments and adaptor kits, to enable users to form, power and repower numerous tools and other products. These unique interchangeable motor handles come equipped with powerful long-lasting brushless motors, removable lithium batteries, variable speed controls, and quick-connect drive systems.

The KwikPro system is designed to save time and money, and to be more environmentally sustainable. Perfect for use in workshops, construction sites, in the garden, on cars, in the kitchen, for engineering, education, even powering boats, and much more; the KwikPro system effectively introduces a new era of purpose-driven innovation. The launch of the KwikPro Kickstarter will help propel this game-changing product into the marketplace, providing buyers with the power and versatility to drive numerous tools and other devices.

“Using KwikPro on The World’s Most Versatile Vehicle project demonstrates the amazing power-it-all capabilities of the ultra-versatile KwikPro motor handle system. You can use KwikPro to power all kinds of things from serious work tools to fun kit and all manner of things between. KwikPro is as versatile at powering things as a Land Rover is versatile at being a go-anywhere do-anything vehicle. See more on KwikPro’s amazing versatility and capabilities on our website ,” said Robert Fowler, Founder.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing traditional motor and battery-powered systems; Robert Fowler’s purpose-driven vision is on the way to being realized with the launch of the new KwikPro Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday 21st June 2022.

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About KwikPro Tools

KwikPro is the brand name of Power Tool Systems Limited, founded in the United Kingdom by design and development engineer Robert Fowler. Throughout his career, Fowler has gained extensive experience in motor and battery-powered engineering, working on a variety of leading-edge technologies from Hovercraft to Electric Vehicles. Since its founding, KwikPro Tools has become an industry leader in electro-mechanical innovation with its patented system, designed to power anything from tools to garden equipment, boats, appliances, and everything in between. Self-funded by Fowler to date, KwikPro is scheduled to launch for pre-orders on Tuesday 21st June 2022.




For more information or press inquiries, please contact Robert Fowler at or 44(0)1823480196

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KwikPro Powers It All – Pre-Kickstarter Launch – Short Fast Taster Film


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