Upcoming Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit: Exclusive Reveal

Hong Kong, March 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit, jointly hosted by MetaEra, Web3 Labs, Ipollo, and Cronos Trade and sponsored by AINN Layer 2, CertiK, PSE Trading, Neo, and Gryphsis Academy, is set to have a grand opening from April 4th to 5th, 2024.

Decision-makers and builders of the Web 3.0 ecosystem will converge here to establish connections while engaging in collisions of inspiration and thoughts, sparking innovations capable of changing the industry landscape. 

Meta Era has successfully hosted over 20 offline events in more than 10 countries and regions worldwide, attracting over 60,00 participants, inviting over 300 high-profile global guests, and gaining support from over 200 top-tier media and communities. This has led to the establishment of a powerful community with over 1 million followers. Through these successful offline events, Meta Era has accumulated rich experience in organizing Web 3.0 conferences and has built a fan base from all around the world, along with a vast and powerful attendee community. 

In the coming April, Meta Era, along with our partners, will shift the focus of the summit to the Web 3.0 Gem of the East, Hong Kong. Its unique geographical location and openness provide an unparalleled platform for participants from around the world to communicate, enabling international collaboration and innovation. 

As a crucial hub for global fintech, Hong Kong has nurtured numerous outstanding blockchain projects, creating an ideal ecosystem for the flourishing development of Web3 technology. The city is renowned not only for its open business atmosphere but also for strong local policies supporting technological innovation, providing industry practitioners with broader development opportunities. 

In this vibrant metropolis, participants will personally experience the unique charm of Hong Kong as the hub centre of innovation, deeply feel the pulse of ingenuity, and share insights and experiences with their peers, collectively exploring the future of the industry. 

Guest Speakers 

During the summit, attendees from over 100 countries will gather to learn from the insights of industry experts and have the opportunity to engage in in-depth interactions with these industry leaders. 

Notable attendees include Yat Siu, Co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Jeff, Founder and CEO of Merlin Chain, Abhay Kumar, CEO of Helium Foundation, Andrew Durgee, chairman of Republic Crypto, Sandy, Founder of Scroll, Jack Kong, Founder of Nano Labs and Board Director of Hong Kong Cyberport, Kun Peng, Founder of Stanford Blockchain Accelerator, Marco Lim, Managing Partner of MaiCapital, DrJingLee, a well-known KOL in the BTC ecosystem, Kaimin Hu, CEO of SphereX, Prof. and Professor Kang Li, CSO of CertiK, among others, who will participate in roundtable discussions. 

Together, they will share and deliberate on the industry’s most cutting-edge technological trends and innovative achievements. 

Conference Agenda Revealed 

The “Meta Era Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit” has planned multiple speeches and panels to present the latest dynamics and explorations in the Web3.0 domain. The panel will revolve around the industry’s hot tracks and concepts, especially at a time when the overall market ecosystem is becoming richer and the sentiment is increasingly enthusiastic, with Bitcoin and its ecosystem naturally becoming a central topic of discussion for this summit. 

Guest speakers will embark on in-depth discussions from a macro perspective, focusing on forward-looking topics such as ETFs, inscriptions, BTC Layer 2, and even miners, to thoroughly review and predict the explosion trends of this Bitcoin bull market. 

We have invited pioneers in the DePIN track, such as Helium, to kickstart roundtable discussions on the future development of decentralized networks. Furthermore, Merlin Chain, a leading project in BTC Layer 2, will discuss the current infrastructure of the Bitcoin ecosystem and its future expansion. This summit will unveil the latest information, including Hong Kong’s compliance policies. Topics such as NFTs, AI, and payments will also be freely discussed by the guests, sharing their dynamic judgments, innovative insights, and future trends in these areas. 

We are also honored to have Mr Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, for a live interview. As an outstanding entrepreneur in the blockchain domain, Mr Yat Siu will share his successful experiences in the digital economy and blockchain field, presenting a unique and profound industry panorama to the audience. 

Furthermore, many innovative projects and new topics in the Web 3.0 ecosystem, along with the guests, will be announced in due course. We invite our fans and readers to stay tuned. 

Special Thanks to Our Partners 

We proudly announce partnerships with Foresight News, Mars Finance, Cointime, Chain Catcher, PANews, BlockBeats,, Sina Finance, ChainTimes, Koala Finance, BroadChain Finance, Shilian Finance,, luluWeb3, Blocklike, Bitrush, BOTD, Blockchain Reporter, Blocknews, ByToken, Coinpedia, Dethings, FX168 Finance, Followin, FinMETA, Knowhere, Tokenpost and Wikbit. (listed in no particular order). These partners will jointly broadcast the exciting content of the summit, working together to promote innovation and development in the blockchain industry. 

The success of the summit would not be possible without the support of our beloved community partners. We extend our gratitude to the Peking University Youth Entrepreneurship Association, Peking University Web3 Alumni Club, Whale Research, Everything Island, NiuBite Web3 Community, Coin Circle Zoo, UR Community, Metaverse Cultural Industry, Avatar Dao, BY DAO, CrossSpace, Snowpoint, G+Club, Metaevent, METASPACE, MUA DAO, Moongate, Moledao, MiMialpha, Node Lab, TinTinLand, WIS, Web3Space, Xlink Labs, DeFam, Wikiexpo, UWEB, closer, Blockchain Academy, TiTi, Web3eventand other community partners for their participation (Listed in no particular order). Their support allows the valuable insights of the summit to be widely and effectively disseminated. 

Closing Remarks 

This summit is not only a platform for exchange but also a unique festival for those working in Web3, a venue brimming with innovative thoughts and inspiring energy. Here, numerous outstanding thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and technical experts come together to participate in brainstorming sessions that spark inspiration. They share insights and practical experiences from their respective fields, activating more innovation and progress through collective brainstorming. 

Hong Kong, as the Gem of Web 3.0 in the East, will witness the unique charm of this grand event. The city is the venue for the summit and the fertile ground where participants collectively inspire creativity and explore the future. We look forward to using this summit to collectively embark on a new chapter in the digital economy and blockchain field, contributing to the industry’s prosperity. 

Join us at the Meta Era Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit to experience the vitality and innovation of this city, and together, let’s build the utopian vision of Web 3.0 

About Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit 

The Hong Kong Web 3.0 Spring Summit, organised jointly by Meta Era, Web3Labs, iPollo, and Cronos Trade, and sponsored by AINN Layer 2, CertiK, PSE Trading, Neo, and Gryphsis Academy, is set to take place from April 4th to 5th, 2024. This summit will serve as a platform for industry innovators and leaders in digital technology to converge. Centered around various pivotal themes such as finance, regulation, technological innovation, and industry development, the summit will showcase expert speeches, roundtable discussions, and practical case studies. Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into profound insights into the current dynamics of the industry, recognise innovative opportunities, and collaboratively shape the future blueprint of the digital era. 

About Meta Era 

Meta Era is a globally leading media headquartered in Hong Kong, dedicated to promoting the application of Web 3.0 technology in Asia and worldwide. We take pride in providing accurate and professional information to the public and have established strong alliances with numerous investment institutions, prominent Web 3.0 companies, influential industry media, and communities. Focused on Web 3.0, we are paving the way for a new era of the internet — a Meta era. 

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