Tuvalu Launches AI Weather Forecasting System with Atmo, Inc. and the Global Centre for Climate Mobility

Atmo, in partnership with the Global Centre for Climate Mobility, will provide ultra-precise AI-based weather forecasts to enable Tuvalu to protect its citizens and infrastructure amid rising sea levels and extreme weather events, a first in the South Pacific

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a landmark project, AI meteorology startup Atmo, Inc. has entered an agreement with the Global Centre for Climate Mobility (GCCM) and the government of Tuvalu to provide advanced AI weather forecasts for the Pacific island nation. The new AI forecast for Tuvalu will be up to 100 times more detailed and 50 percent more accurate than traditional meteorology, while updating every few minutes, rather than hours. The partnership marks a historic milestone, showcasing how AI technology can address the global climate crisis and help affected communities build resilience.

Tuvalu faces immediate and existential threats from the climate crisis, endangering its social, economic, and cultural fabric. Like many other small island nations, Tuvalu is at the frontline of this global climate emergency and will be seriously impacted by rising sea levels. This initiative aims to enhance Tuvalu’s capacity to address climate change challenges, implement effective disaster risk management and response, and support local community adaptation strategies.

“The launch of this project is a vital step forward for Tuvalu, providing us with the tools to take on a leading role in the Pacific when it comes to predicting and responding to the severe impacts of climate change,” said H.E. Dr. Maina Talia, Minister of Home Affairs, Climate Change and Environment of Tuvalu. “Accurate and timely weather forecasts are essential in our fight against climate impacts, particularly efforts to address the existential threats of sea-level rise.”

For the next ten years, Atmo will provide Tuvalu with advanced AI weather forecasting capabilities previously used by leading organizations such as the United States Air Force. The company will offer training to local personnel and integrate the forecasts into the nation’s disaster management and climate adaptation strategies for local communities.

“The threat to the beautiful island nation of Tuvalu is a poignant reminder of how climate change disproportionately affects the Small Island Developing States (SIDS),” said Alex Levy, CEO and co-founder of Atmo. “Equipping the government of Tuvalu with more detailed, accurate, and timely weather forecasting allows its leaders to make crucial decisions that safeguard citizens and prolong their time on the islands. The people of Tuvalu are strong and resilient, and we are honored to help protect their homeland with AI meteorology technology.”

Atmo combines real-time data from millions of weather sensors, satellites, and radars with over 60 years of historical data to create ultraprecise AI weather prediction models. These forecasts update every 15 minutes and continuously self-correct using real weather measurements, improving over time. The need for ultraprecise forecasting has never been more critical, as extreme weather events become increasingly frequent and severe.

“This initiative represents a crucial advancement in disaster risk management and response,” said Kamal Amakrane, Managing Director of the Global Centre for Climate Mobility. “By leveraging advanced AI weather forecasts, we can enhance local capacity, enabling communities to anticipate and plan for climate-related challenges more effectively. This partnership strengthens Tuvalu’s resilience and sets a precedent on how innovative technology can be harnessed to support vulnerable regions worldwide.”

The GCCM enables the Rising Nations Initiative (RNI), a UN Member States-led initiative, to support the Pacific Atoll countries – including Tuvalu – and their efforts to protect their sovereignty and statehood, and safeguard the rights and heritage of affected populations in the face of the existential threats posed by climate change-related sea-level rise.

About Tuvalu

Tuvalu, an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, comprises nine islands and atolls. Situated approximately halfway between Hawaii and Australia, it ranks among the smallest and least populous countries globally. With a total land area of around 26 square kilometers and its highest elevation at just 4.6 meters above sea level, Tuvalu faces significant threats from rising sea levels due to climate change.

About Atmo

Atmo, Inc. is the leading company bringing artificial intelligence to meteorology for governments, militaries, and corporations. Based in Silicon Valley, Atmo builds state-of-the-art AI weather forecasts using Deep Learning Neural Networks. Atmo has rapidly become a trusted AI meteorology partner for high-stakes users worldwide, such as the US Department of Defense. Today, Atmo forecasting systems protect vital infrastructure and enhance economic activity for its partners, including disaster response, renewable energy, agriculture, transportation, and national security.

About The Global Centre for Climate Mobility

The Global Centre for Climate Mobility (GCCM) is a global partnership at the nexus of climate action and human mobility to enable positive adaptation journeys for people and communities at the frontline of the climate crisis. It is hosted at the UN Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and advanced by champion countries, UN Agencies, the World Bank, and regional organizations with support from philanthropy, civil society organizations, and research partners.


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