Tsuyoki Inu Making the Market More Bullish, Launched After

Berlin, Germany, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

 Tsuyoki Inu ($TINU), one of the most hyped and bullish projects on the BNB Smart Chain, with the goal of reaching unimaginable heights, was launched at 18:00 UTC May 27, 2022, after a successful presale on CookieSale.

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Tsuyoki Inu presale commenced on CookieSale launchpad on May 26, 2022 at 18:00 UTC and was set for 24 hours, but the hard cap was successfully filled in the first 10 minutes of the presale. The presale had a soft cap of 100 BNB, whereas a hard cap of 200 BNB. A total of 215 contributors participated in the public presale. Further details about the presale can be found here.

Moreover, Tsuyoki Inu has also applied for a listing on CoinMarketCap, whereas the MultiChainSwap is already live on the project’s website in a collaboration with Rubic. This enables users and investors to buy Tsuyoki Inu using various currencies from various networks.

What is Tsuyoki Inu

Tsuyoki is the most anticipated and bullish project on the BNB Smart Chain, with the aim of accomplishing inconceivable heights as they embark on a Bull Run supported by a large number of well-known individuals.

Furthermore, Tsuyoki Inu plans to launch special Bull NFTs for the project with huge collection. The individuals that will mint and hold the NFTs, will be rewarded in terms of surprise prize and giveaway of more than 120 BNB, once the entire collection has been minted successfully. Along with the NFT collection, there will also be NFT marketplace, where the NFTs can be bought and sold, in the native tokens. Portions of the revenue generated from these transactions will be shared with the NFT holders as rewards, as well as to facilitate token buyback.

A lot of dollars and tactics will be put into marketing with the aid of a well-connected and experienced team, supported by a recognized marketing team, giving BSC a breath of fresh air. Tsuyoki Inu wants to build its influence on social media as it is the most powerful tool to grow and develop presence, thus attracting more investors.

Tokenomics and Taxation

$TINU is a BEP-20 token that intends to connect to multiple chains. The use of taxes is required to build and enhance the project over time. Tsuyoki Inu makes every effort to keep taxes as low as possible for investors.

The total tax on each Buy and Sell transaction is 9%, which is further divided into 3 parts:

  • 5% for marketing
  • 2% for development
  • 2% for the team

Tsuyoki Inu Contract: 0xF20753320F15C990B3Ca8f435705bB13F70357dA

BSCScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf20753320f15c990b3ca8f435705bb13f70357da

Tsuyoki Inu Vision

Tsuyoki is a Japanese word that means “Bullish”. With the help of a well-connected team, and a lot of influencers supporting the project, Tsuyoki Inu expects to be the only bull standing in the bear market.

Tsuyoki Inu is also working with various celebrities, crypto influencers, advertisements on crypto platforms, and press and social media marketing to help the project expand and reach new heights.

For more information about Tsuyoki Inu, visit the project’s official website and social media platforms.

About Tsuyoki Inu

Tsuyoki Inu is built on becoming a social media representative across several platforms, target groups, and celebrities. Social media, particularly Twitter, has a significant influence. This is where Tsuyoki intends to concentrate its efforts.

Furthermore, because the team is connected to many influencers and celebrities, Tsuyoki Inu will get some of the greatest communities and groups to post about the project.

Website | Telegram | Twitter

Tsuyoki Inu




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Tsuyoki Inu

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