Breaking News, Latest News, World News, India News, Cricket, Videos & Photos Announces its Partnership with Acclaimed Designer Gaurang Shah to its NFT Marketplace Backed by BCETH Labs

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

NFTs are the future and we would like to take leverage of the blockchain technology to imbibe more intrinsic and monetary value to creators and as well as the collectors of these NFTs; it’s an honour to have Gaurang Shah on our portal says Co-founder & CEO Reena Mirpuri.


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Gaurang Shah to shortly launch his NFTs on


We are sure this will be a wonderful start for collectors to have the rarest of NFTs. would be an exclusive NFT marketplace for leading creators, actors, artists, musicians, sports celebrities and sporting bodies, she further added.


NFTs of exquisite creations of Gaurang Shah in collaboration with Lavina Baldota’s project SANTATI, will be on live auction during the dates that will be announced shortly. NFTs of the creations will be sold along with the sarees itself and each of the creations will be limited to only 1. These magnificent sarees have taken years to make.


Ace Designer Gaurang says he is delighted to collaborate with for his NFTs to showcase the finest paintings of legendary artist Raja Ravi Varma completely handwoven on the sarees in Khadi, a hand spun and woven natural cloth advocated for all by Mahatma Gandhi. 



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