“Transformational HR – Beyond Processes 2.0” Book Launched

As owners of businesses and leaders of the corporate world struggle with multi-dimensional challenges post the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a ray of hope as Authors Dr. Mohammed Bawaji, Shalmali Bhujbal and Ruqaiya Electricwala launched their book, titled Transformational HR – Beyond Processes 2.0 which is the need of the hour for students and HR heads in corporate houses. The book holds a World record for “Most people online launching a book simultaneously”. The Award was conferred to them by Dr. Manish Vishnoei from Golden Book of World Records.


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“Transformational HR – Beyond Processes 2.0” book being launched


The Online event of the book launch started with the introduction of the dignitaries present which included Chief Guest, His Eminence, Mukasir-e-DawatilHaq, Shehzada Dr. Qaidjoher Bhaisaheb Ezzuddinsaheb (D.M.). Also present at the occasion were Guests of Honour, Dr. Sudhir Gavhane, Mr. Prasheel Pardhe and Dr. Nikhat Hamza.


The dignitaries and panelists present gave their views and feedback on the book and how this would be useful to the industry. The official launch of the book took place on zoom and the audience participated through a YouTube link.


Speaking at the occasion, Chief Guest, His Eminence, Mukasir-e-DawatilHaq, Shahzada Dr. Qaidjoher Bhaisaheb Ezzuddinsaheb (D.M.) said, “The book provides a deep understanding about the functioning of HR which is one of the most important and vital department in an organization. It is based on the 4 functions Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Talent Development, and Rewards & Recognition which gives an in-depth idea of the functioning of various processes. I commend the talented authors for their efforts in publishing a book which will enhance our understanding on HR in these changing times. My best wishes and prayers are with them for the success of this book, may it prove to be an interesting and useful read for all.”


Speaking at the occasion Guest of Honour, Dr. Sudhir Gavhane said, “The talent of all three authors is being well expressed in this book which is dedicated to the HR sector. I personally feel the book has come up at a time when it was needed the most as the corporate sector, public sector and education sector are currently in a phase of transformation. The book written by the authors has given emphasis and developed a scientific matrix which will be very beneficial.”


Mr. Prasheel Pardhe said, “The three authors have done a great job as I couldn’t leave the book once I picked it up to read, and I do plan to order more copies for my entire team. The best part about the book is that it has simple language and not complicated analysis, also numbers that could be applied to real life.”


Dr. Nikhat Hamza added, “The authors have managed to build a matrix consisting of 22 elements and 127 sub-elements, which is made measurable and will help the organizations to undertake vertical analysis of each element based on the 5 parameters mentioned in the book. The data collection through this process will further help the organizations in data analysis. This book is for all those who are in HR, who want to learn HR, teach HR, and want to know about HR.”


The book titled – “Transformational HR – Beyond Processes 2.0” consists of a Maturity Matrix, Rating Card, and a Rating Scale which will help individuals to undertake an HR compliance audit. This will help them to understand the maturity of its processes and take necessary steps for further improvement.


Speaking at the launch, Author Mohammed Bawaji said, “I am extremely happy that my book has been launched at the hands of the eminent panel present today. This book will help all individuals seeking to take their business/organization to great levels of success. The benefits don’t just limit to business owners and corporates, but it also extends to entrepreneurs and management students to gather a deeper understanding about the functioning of HR. The book aims to help the HR departments to improve their performance and ultimately improve the performance of the organization they work in.”


Speaking at the occasion Author Ruqaiya Electricwala commented, “The aim of writing this book is to help other individuals to comprehend, understand, inculcate and truly embrace all aspects of the enthralling field of HR. We hope to convert this book into a training material for the corporate sector, universities and educational institutions where we wish to conduct a blended workshop.”


Author Shalmali Bhujbal shared her views, “Our book is surely the answer to one of the most pressing question that every HR faces; how to quantify and how to make HR processes auditable hence, I implore you all to take a look at our book Transformational HR Beyond Processes 2.0.”


The launch ended with the key note speaker Mr. Krupal Nathvani thanking all the attendees for their presence.


This book is available at a cost of Rs.1000/- and it is available globally in various marketplaces.


Marketplace for printed book in India: Notionpress.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.in

Marketplace for printed book at international locations: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk


E-books – Listing on: Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, iBooks.

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