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Trampetti Conducted Kaizen Event Which Helped Client Overcome 17-Week Backlog Which Was Creating Delays With Other Departments

the Kaizen event really helped open the eyes of the client’s employees and provided the foundation for us to deliver the results we did”

— Michael Trampetti

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2022 / — Trampetti, an award-winning business consultancy based in Chicago, IL, has recently completed a project for a Manufacturer which helped their client reduce department delays by 78% and helped reduce department backlogs from 17 weeks to a manageable 4-6 week lead time. The net result was a significant increase in efficiency and significant cost savings throughout the organization.

“The client contacted us because they had one department within their company that was constantly holding up the rest of the other departments and was creating significant delays in delivering finished products to their customers”, says Michael Trampetti, CEO.

“Our initial review indicated that this department struggled with communication and efficiency. In order to get to the root causes, Trampetti conducted a Kaizen event with the paint department to observe their current processes and procedures. The team, guided by Trampetti, was able to identify critical areas that needed attention, including a lack of communication, understanding of performance goals, and a need for increased training”, Trampetti adds.

Steps Taken to Deliver Optimal Results:

– Established a daily huddle

– Declared daily production key performance indicators for all departments

– Encouraged department leads to report on performance vs. goal at daily huddles

– Set up weekly meetings to hold departments accountable for KPI’s

– Defined roles and responsibilities for paint lead

– Re-trained all paint staff

– Coached production lead on delegation

– Conducted re-design meeting to add a 3rd paint booth

– Managed paint booth installation within 1 month

“This was an interesting and challenging project for us”, furthers Trampetti. “The Kaizen event really helped open the eyes of the client’s employees and provided the foundation for us to deliver the results we did. The net results were reducing the paint department lead time by 78%, reducing a 17-week manufacturing timetable to a manageable 4-6 weeks.”

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