Thrive with Digital, Accelerating Intelligence for Electric Power

David Sun, Vice President of Huawei and CEO of Huawei’s Electric Power Digitalization BU

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boosting digital productivity requires the systematic construction of core capabilities. Upgrading computing power and transmission capacity in particular is crucial to accelerating the construction of a new power system.

1. Building a new power system centered on electric and computing power

New energy will profoundly change the form, characteristics and mechanism of traditional power systems. The integration and collaborative development of power source-grid-load-storage systems are placing higher requirements on intelligent electric power. From general computing to AI computing, and from single-point computing to cloud-edge-device collaborative computing, a systematic computing architecture is required to achieve digital intelligence and reap the dividends. Based on the governance style typical of power enterprises, we proposed the Spark architecture with cloud-edge-device synergy. This architecture helps power companies build professional and service-oriented HQs, centralized business systems, and unstaffed/least-staffed sites.

2. Powerful transmission is the guarantee

Transmission is the key to communications. We need to prepare more advanced transmission capacity sooner rather than later. It is vital to stay one step ahead of the game. At the same time, we need to find the right communication technologies for different scenarios.

Only when on-demand, secure and smooth connections are made available in every aspect can we experience intelligence at our fingertips.

3. Innovation is the starting point of improving productivity. Architecture innovation, model innovation and ecosystem innovation are vital

Architecture innovation: From the reference architecture of enterprise digital transformation to the technical architecture, including computing architecture and target communication network architecture, innovation must permeate every layer.

Model innovation: By developing new model of integrated business and digital technology, we can bridge the gap between business and digital technology, bring historical achievements to the future, and help power companies go digital as they grow rapidly. The key lies in empowering power experts with the latest specialist info, lowering the threshold for digitalization, and incorporating and stimulating the creativity of all employees.

Ecosystem innovation: The open Costa Rica mode proposed by James Moor is much better suited for the industry. An open ecosystem model allows everyone to unleash and share their respective strengths, while also share industry and cross-industry capabilities among all participants.

Digital scenarios are jointly defined by power companies, think tanks, and industry organizations. Digitalization is a systematic project that requires not only capable solution providers and integrators, but also ICT vendors and partners — all have a role to play in this challenging campaign.

Huawei is committed to laying the foundation for a Digital China and providing the world with One More Beautiful Choice. We focus on what we are good at in the digital field, and work with industry customers and partners to build a better future of intelligent electric power.

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