The Youtuber and Influencer Rideshare Professor is an Advocate for Gig Workers Worldwide

Torsten Kunert the Rideshare Professor advocate for gig drivers

Meet the Rideshare Professor, Torsten Kunert

Safety and Earnings are the top two topics the Rideshare Professor talks about

As a rideshare ,food delivery advocate and Youtuber, I have had the honor helping thousands of drivers worldwide. We have filed over 3,000 wrongful deactivation cases against the giants Uber & Lyft.”

— Torsten Kunert, The Rideshare Professor

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2023 / — The Rideshare Professor, a prominent figure in the world of ridesharing, continues to make waves with his insightful commentary, educational content, and advocacy for drivers and riders alike. Known for his expertise and dedication to the industry, the Rideshare Professor has become a trusted source for information and guidance in the ever-evolving ridesharing landscape.

The Rideshare Professor, whose real name is Torsten Kunert, has been a driving force in providing drivers and passengers with valuable insights and resources. His work spans a wide range of topics related to ridesharing, including driver tips, industry news, safety guidelines, and platform updates.

Key Highlights:

Educational Content: The Rideshare Professor is renowned for his extensive library of educational content. His YouTube channel, website, and social media platforms are rich sources of information, offering tips and guidance to drivers, from maximizing earnings to understanding the latest industry changes.

Advocacy for Drivers: Torsten Kunert has been a vocal advocate for drivers’ rights and fair treatment within the ridesharing industry. He addresses issues such as fair wages, driver safety, and driver benefits, amplifying the voices of drivers worldwide.

Platform Updates: With the ridesharing landscape constantly evolving, the Rideshare Professor keeps drivers and passengers informed about important updates and changes within popular ridesharing platforms, such as Uber and Lyft.

Safety Initiatives: Safety is a top priority in ridesharing, and the Rideshare Professor emphasizes the importance of passenger and driver safety. He provides valuable safety tips and advice to ensure a secure ridesharing experience.

Torsten Kunert, the Rideshare Professor, expressed his dedication to the ridesharing community, stating, “Ridesharing has transformed the way we travel, and it’s crucial that both drivers and riders have access to accurate information and resources. I’m committed to providing valuable insights and advocating for fair treatment and safety within the industry.”

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