The World’s Most Thrilling 3D Pets Adventure

LONDON, UK , July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It was announced that the estimated release date for the 3D game LUNOVERSE is October.

Lunoverse is a game where players can control characters and fight with enemies and collect a digital coin. Cool game effects include SFX & VFX.

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Explore into the Lunoverse world and the futurist city:  The marketplace for buying and selling nfts. Collect your nft equipment in-game boost and trade it on the marketplace.

4 Free plays per day for grinding to earn $LVX for in-game purpose or own personal profits.

Get connected with players from all over the world in the Lunoverse PVP Co-op, and build your own guild. It’s the place where you can chill, have fun and party.

NFT in-game constitutes the key aspect of the game, made possible by the integration of blockchain technology.

All NFT from the first generation will have the rarity of common but rest assured there will be more NFT with different rarity coming to Lunoverse. Every NFT within the game, be it a character, a weapon or even a pet contain its own characteristics, which are synchronized with the blockchain. All these objects can be presented as classic NFTs and can be sold on a certain marketplace with preferred currency.

Every NFT belongs to a limited edition set, is extremely rare and can be easily converted into preferred cryptocurrency on a certain marketplace.

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To realize the full potential of the project with all the innovations, Lunoverse gathered together programmers and engineers. They managed to skillfully combine cutting-edge technologies with various technical developments in order to produce the metaverse game.

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You can watch game trailer here:

The main project currency is LVS and LVX. LVS is a native token for staking and gaming currency. LVX is a governance token that can be earned in the game. The developers offer their own Swap if you want to buy LVS from your BNB.

All $LVS Staking holders will be rewarded with $LVX tokens airdrop. The earlier you stake, the more you will be rewarded.

“Our Mission is to bring our vision into reality! Lunoverse allows users  to interact with different people from all over the world,” the developers said. “We dedicate ourselves to working tirelessly through the multiple phases of development all in order to create a World that truly feels like Home for our dedicated community of investors & players.”

3D Photogrammetric models and the MetaVerse world aim to serve as a place of enjoyment and innovation with the inclusion of P2E and NFT Elements and gain all the varying interests in the crypto space, from being a utility token to integrating newer concepts like the Virtual Reality MMORPG Metaverse.

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By using high resolution, engineering grade spatially accurate 3D models, Lunoverse will leverage technology and create stunning visualization and user experiences.

The incredible adventure in the Lunoverse world will be available in October.

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