The Whiteboard Announces Partnership with Oviya Medsafe for Pharmacovigilance Training and Internship

The Whiteboard, a leading academy for training professionals in the field of clinical trials and drug development, announced on Oct 6th, 2021, a partnership with Oviya MedSafe, a global pharmacovigilance consulting and drug safety services company.


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D. Nageswara Rao, Managing Director, Whiteboard, and Dr. J Vijay Venkatraman, CEO, Oviya MedSafe


The Whiteboard is known for its academic and training courses which are meticulously structured and designed with an industry-relevant curriculum. These programs are presented and mentored by Industry and Domain Experts which help the trainees to upskill, stay relevant, and get noticed in the Clinical Research domain. In March this year, The Whiteboard announced the acquisition of training assets from CliPLab, a training initiative of US-headquartered Cytel.


Oviya MedSafe which was incorporated in India in 2012 and in the UK in 2014 is a leading knowledge services company offering quality advisory and outsourced support in pharmacovigilance to the pharmaceutical industry at large. It provides end-to-end global drug safety support combined with regulatory-compliant drug safety software databases to pharma/biotech/vaccine/medical device companies with established product safety monitoring systems. Oviya MedSafe also engages with entry-level (generic as well as an innovator) pharma/biotech/vaccine/medical device companies to ensure that their safety management systems are best aligned with the Regulations pertinent to their market presence.


This partnership between The Whiteboard and Oviya MedSafe is aimed at addressing the shortage of talent that needs immediate addressal for fueling India’s growth in the “Drug Development Services Industry”. The Whiteboard’s extensive experience of providing training for graduates in clinical trial arenas such as biostatistics, data management & programming, and Oviya MedSafe’s core strength in pharmacovigilance subject matter will prove to be of immense benefit to career-seekers in pharmacovigilance.


This partnership is a great opportunity for young graduates to experience the industry and make a career in pharmacovigilance. Both Oviya MedSafe and The Whiteboard complement each other’s competences, knowledge, and technologies to advance research and development and obtaining access to resources that are available only from specific partners (e.g., Life Science, Pharmacy, Clinical Research). It will also help students with a life science background to get exposure to Oviya MedSafe’s expertise in Pharmacovigilance function and in turn equip them with wider knowledge in PV thereby making them project ready.


Cohorts of potential graduates from this program will also help promote among small and mid-sized pharmaceuticals the adoption of drug safety systems, regulatory compliance along with novel pharmacovigilance solutions.


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