The Trailer of ‘10 Nahi 40’ Takes us on a Fun Ride

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A radiologist by profession and writer-director by passion Dr. J.S. Randhawa is all set for his next ‘10 Nahi 40’ after Sanjay Mishra starrer ‘Muskurahatein’. Dr. J.S. Randhawa who’s travelled the world, understood how India is culturally different from other countries. He sensed how elderly people in India revolve their world around their kids whereas in other countries the same aged people have a life of their own filled with joy. It was then Dr. Randhawa penned down the script, a drama with a spice of entertainment that emphasises on how life is beautiful even after 60 and has to be lived with zest and zeal till the end.


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Poster of ‘10 Nahi 40’


While penning down the script one thing Dr. Randhawa was sure of was he wanted versatile actors of our industry like Manmauji, Birbal and Manoj Bakshi who believed in his script and the team has bought a bouquet of entertainment. Laced with humour, ‘10 Nahi 40’ is an educational entertainer sending a message to the society to be compassionate and caring for the elderly.


Introducing the audience to the trailer of ‘10 Nahi 40’ Dr. J.S. Randhawa who will be also seen as an actor in the film says, “I realized that elderly people are very lonely. They must be involved in various activities to be pumped up with their hobbies and not think about retirement. It is only if a person is happy from inside, they have a day to look forward. ‘Yeh Dil Mangey More’ should be the motto of their lives.”


Presented by Reverberation Films Pvt. Ltd. ‘10 Nahi 40’ is slated to release on 11th March, 2022. It is produced by Dr. Sonal Randhawa and is written by Dr. J.S. Randhawa. The executive producer is Mridul Gupta, music of the film is by Vipul Kapoor under Zee Music Co., the cinematographer is Satyajeet and Editor is Niranjan Devaramane.


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