The third issue of “V Moment” was broadcast live to 240,000


Denver, CO, May 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At 13: 00 on April 20th, BitVito launched its first promo on the third issue of “V Moment”. This live broadcast specially invited the top ten communities in Greater China, their guests and peers. Half an hour after the opening of the live broadcast, the number of people online once exceeded 240,000, creating the hottest AMA record in the coin circle for nearly half a year.

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A promotional film, BV approaches the hearts of users

According to the BV team, this is BV’s first promotional film. It doesn’t adopt the traditional way of shooting promotional films, but a more realistic and interesting way. It starts with the story of a new colleague named Victor’s first day at work. To put it simply: “Victor worships BV team very much, and he came here to apply for a job. In the company, he met colleagues who were’ indifferent’ in appearance but enthusiastic in their work. This sense of contrast made him feel very interesting, and then he met Hyden, the boss of BV, and learned about the initial intention of the whole company, which made him have a strong sense of identity. Especially the profit bonus system, which gives him a sense of mission and happiness. Finally, the film focuses on the development of BV and its main achievements. “

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BV aims to convey two signals to the market through promotional films. First, BV is “real”. Users can clearly see the office environment of BV New Zealand headquarters through promotional videos, as well as the professional background, working status, CEO’s real thoughts and BV’s legal business status of the most authentic BV employees. Second, show the BV profit bonus system. BV is a low-threshold, low-rate, full-portfolio platform that meets many trading attributes. It is user-centered, and a platform for users to improve higher value.

Create the top influence, connect the top ten communities, and be an innovative exchange.

On the day of the live broadcast on April 20th, BV not only invited the top ten communities, but also connected with other established and senior communities outside the venue, with an average number of more than 5,000 people, including New Zealand Ybit Community, DT Community, Boyang Community, Mohong Capital, Juhuo Community, Infinite Community, Juxing International Alliance, Rongyi College, Yizhao International, Qichuang Capital.

This live broadcast lasted two and a half hours. It has been extremely popular from beginning to end. At the same time, the audience got a large amount of red envelopes, and once again felt the true kindness of BV.



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