The Social NFT Company Element.Black Hosted An AMA With OKX

New York, NY, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Akon met with Element.Black, a music-focused NFT company, discussed the release of his NFT on the platform, and OKX, an important partner, backed Akon’s upcoming NFT collection. 

Akon intends to release a music NFT collection with OKX and believes that NFTs are the future of digital asset ownership. Akon believes that NFTs will revolutionize the way people listen to and buy music in the music industry. This would ensure transparency in the music industry and numerous benefits for many musicians. When asked about his hopes for releasing his music NFTs, Akon stated, “I think people will love it.” I have some never-before-released songs that will only be available through this NFT collection, so people will be surprised and talk about them. I hope this serves as a model for others in the industry. And, of course, OKX is one of the most prominent players, so I am confident that we will all work together to make the release a success.”

Element.Black’s mystery NFT box grants collectors the right to recreate and remix Akon’s music on their terms. This is a significant social experience that provides utility for holders, as Akon’s NFT allows holders to download music from each NFT and get a personalized profile picture.

Akon believes that the introduction of NFTs will completely change the landscape of the music industry due to the transparency and ownership rights and that NFTs will most likely become the new standard of music distributions in the future.

Element.Black also debuted its native token, $ELT, which will be used to create NFTs on its platform. Users can also use this token to trade NFTs and unlock premium features on products curated by Element.Black. Furthermore, users would receive liquidity mining rewards and the ability to stake their $ELT tokens for high APY on the platform.

The total supply of the ELT token is 4 billion, with 40% released over four years as ecosystem rewards for its users. On April 20th, the ELT token will be available for purchase on OKX Jumpstart.

You can reach out via the following channels for more information on Akon’s upcoming NFT and the Element.Black project:


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