The Future of Crypto Loans with $AITEK: Harnessing the

London, UK, Feb. 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Imagine a world where your crypto assets could do more than just sit in a wallet, where your token, no matter its market cap, could unlock new financial opportunities.

Welcome to the dawn of $AITEK, a DeFi protocol designed to transform your digital assets into powerful tools for leverage and loans. This isn’t just another crypto platform; it’s a gateway to reimagining your investment’s potential. Let’s dive into how $AITEK is setting the stage for a financial revolution.

$AITEK represents a significant step in decentralized finance (DeFi) by introducing a lending protocol that allows users to leverage their cryptocurrency holdings, including both low and high-cap tokens, as collateral for loans and to enter Long and Short positions on a number of tokens.

To provide a comprehensive comparison, it’s essential to understand both $AITEK and some of its nearest competition: 

$AITEK Overview

$AITEK is a DeFi protocol that innovates by allowing users to take out loans against a wide range of their cryptocurrency holdings. This inclusivity of low and high-cap tokens as collateral is a distinguishing feature, as many existing DeFi lending platforms restrict collateral to more liquid, high-cap cryptocurrencies or other assets such as NFTs, LRTs, and RWAs. By broadening the range of acceptable collateral, $AITEK could potentially unlock more value and provide greater flexibility for crypto holders. This approach not only enhances liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem but also opens up new avenues for investment strategies and financial management within the crypto space. 

$AITEK doesn’t just stop at lending. While only being released for under a month, they have also introduced leverage trading across a number of cryptocurrencies, with a twist.

In an attempt to ensure zero negative impact to any of their listed coin’s charts, $AITEK has created a novel approach that actually is a value-add to any project that is looking to pay to list on their platform. $AITEK allows users to speculate on price movements through synthetic derivative positions, with prices mirrored from the Uniswap Router. This means that $AITEK has full control over the health and security of their pools while not actually needing the underlying asset to be included in the pool. This allows users to actually double down on their bets or hedge their bets by entering positions that mitigate their overall risk, without having an impact on their underlying holdings.


Lending and leveraging (long AND short) across low AND high cap coins places $AITEK in a league of its own, with no direct competitors currently providing such a comprehensive service. Their pioneering approach to lending not only broadens the appeal of DeFi but also ensures that investors with diverse portfolios have unprecedented access to liquidity, marking a significant leap forward in the crypto lending domain.

Its closest competitor in lending would be, which is primarily known as a marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering advanced features for NFT traders such as portfolio management tools, analytics, and batch minting capabilities. While operates within the DeFi and broader cryptocurrency ecosystem, its focus is distinctly different from that of $AITEK.’s emphasis is on NFTs, providing a platform for collectors and traders to interact, rather than offering financial services like loans against crypto holdings. 

Comparative Analysis

  • Collateral Types: The most apparent difference is the type of assets they focus on. $AITEK extends its services to a broader range of digital assets (low and high cap tokens), while specializes in NFTs. This distinction makes $AITEK more inclusive for users seeking liquidity without selling their holdings, whereas caters to a niche market of NFT enthusiasts.
  • Service Offering: $AITEK is pioneering in the DeFi lending space by providing loans against a wide array of tokens, potentially transforming how users leverage their digital assets. They also offer leverage trading, which does not., though innovative in the NFT marketplace, offers a different suite of services focused on trading and managing NFT assets rather than financial liquidity solutions.
  • Market Impact: $AITEK could significantly impact the DeFi market by increasing the types of collateral that can be used for loans, potentially leading to more inclusive financial services within the crypto ecosystem. impacts the NFT market by enhancing trade functionalities and providing valuable tools for NFT enthusiasts, thus fostering a more vibrant NFT ecosystem.
  • User Base: The target user base also differs; $AITEK appeals to a broad spectrum of crypto holders looking for liquidity solutions and a larger TAM, while targets NFT collectors and traders seeking a dedicated platform for their specific needs.

Total Addressable Market


  1. Revenue in the NFT market is projected to reach US$2,378.0m in 2024. (
  2. The number of users is expected to amount to 16.35m users by 2028. (


  1. Revenue in the Cryptocurrencies market is projected to reach US$51.5bn in 2024. (
  2. The number of users is expected to amount to 992.50m users by 2028. (

Analysis indicates that $AITEK is better positioned to capitalize on a broader market opportunity compared to its counterparts, primarily because the scope and liquidity of the cryptocurrency market significantly surpass those of the NFT sector. This comparative advantage suggests that $AITEK has access to a larger pool of potential growth and engagement within the DeFi ecosystem.

Current Market Capitalization $2,315,231,821

$AITEK: $5,531,507

Given the extensive total addressable market and the innovative solutions $AITEK is developing, its current market capitalization significantly undervalues its potential. This discrepancy suggests a substantial opportunity for growth. As $AITEK continues to expand its offerings and penetrate the market, it is reasonable to anticipate a considerable adjustment in its valuation over the upcoming quarters, reflecting its true value and potential within the DeFi ecosystem.


$AITEK is strategically positioned to dominate a previously untapped segment within the DeFi market, establishing itself as a pioneering force. This innovative approach not only has the potential to redefine trading practices but also to unlock a significant amount of liquidity across the sector. Such advancements represent a considerable benefit for the broader community, promising to enhance the financial landscape for all stakeholders involved.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation for investment, nor is it intended as investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended you practice due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor, before investing in or trading cryptocurrency and securities.


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