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London, UK, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world of horseracing is often seen as old fashioned and slow to embrace anything resembling the ‘progressive’ but that is not always a fair assessment. CRYPTO RACING underpins the next evolutionary stage of The Sport of Kings.

The Club’s horses will be trained at renowned stables, including those of Paul & Oliver Cole, assuring their handling will be second to none. A single, uncomplicated payment in cryptocurrency covers purchase costs and all fees.  Each stake in a racehorse is secured as a tradable ‘NFT’; allowing holders to sell or trade whenever they wish.  At the end of the racing season NFT holders receive an airdrop of funds representing their interest in both the prize money accumulated and the sale price of the horse. Full terms are available at

Many syndicate-type schemes remain expensive but with CRYPTO RACINGTM anyone can buy as little as a 1% involvement in a horse’s racing career. Currently available stakes can be seen here.  

While most of us have heard of cryptocurrency and are starting to learn about the concept of NFTs there are precious few real-world use cases, but the work of CRYPTO RACINGTM is highly progressive in bringing the sport to a new community.

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One of the driving forces behind the project, Ed Gascoigne, says: “We’re so excited to have brought this concept to life and delighted that many prestigious trainers have agreed to ride with us and bring racing to a new audience.”

The concept is a world first.  It is predicted to engage a new generation of racehorse involvement bringing continued support and success to the great game for many years to come.

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Buzz of Horseracing

All the Club’s horses will be stabled with leading trainers and run in the Club’s unique and distinctive silks.  The Club’s horses will typically have crypto-based names, including Mr Ethereum and Mr Bitcoin.


CRYPTO RACING Club is breaking new ground in offering asset-backed NFTs that represent a stake in a horse’s racing career paid for with cryptocurrency.   

The horses are selected by bloodstock experts and trained at stables with high-standing reputations and forward-thinking trainers.   

CRC mint their NFTs using the Ethereum protocol and offer them for sale on the OpenSea marketplace.  

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