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the Binance Smart Chain lending platform launches

SINGAPORE, July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Xpool launched its new incentive module program to offer roughly 20,000 XPO tokens as a reward to their community until September 2021. This DeFi lending platform is paying out their governance token rewards for all the traders, who make lending or borrowing transactions during this period, up to 70% XPO amounts towards 6 targeted Crypto markets (DAI, USDC, USDT, BUSD, WBNB, BTC, ETH).

More specifically, the BUSD has the most XPO allocation in this incentive up to 35.17% and USDC capped at 26,24% for XPO amount allocation. For BTC, traders can be rewarded up to 6.72% XPO for depositing or borrowing transactions. The lender and borrower will have different percentage rewards but mostly fluctuate between 50/50 for each transaction made. The allocation plan is illustrated as below:

For the XPO rewarded tokens, the Xpool protocol will help traders stack the rewards automatically in the stacking session with the lock pool. It helps to optimize the interests of the rewarding assets by every second.

Though traders must be aware of only being able to unstack the assets after a cooldown period (10 days counted starting from the rewarded day). With stacking XPO in Xpool protocol, besides receiving a high percentage of APY as usual, users are also recompensed with an additional certain amount of XPO. It is similar to the borrowers as well and can be considered a “win-win” situation.

By a new incentive module launching, Xpool expects in their statement “With the new incentive, we expect it could increase lending and borrowing activities in specific markets, expand the XPO token holder base and boost up long-term capital pools through stk XPO distribution.”

Furthermore, Xpool is looking forward to offering more benefits towards their traders – the priority of core development as their indication statement. You can find out more regarding the incentive via the Xpool website.

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