The Association of International Economic Strategy Was Established in Beijing to Facilitate International Cooperation and Exchange of Enterprises

BEIJING–()–On November 12, the Association of International Economic Strategy was inaugurated at the International Forum on “Sharing New Development and Joining Hands for the Future” held in Beijing. Dozens of experts, scholars, industry representatives and entrepreneurs from many countries attended the event.

Through the establishment of an international advisory expert team, the Association of International Economic Strategy gathers and integrates all kinds of international high-quality resources, builds an international development exchange and cooperation platform for more small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and helps enterprises in the process of internationalization.

Building a global platform: helping enterprises to cooperate and exchange internationally

In the face of the new development pattern, SMEs should take a more active part in international cooperation to enhance their international core competitiveness. The Association of International Economic Strategy will be committed to studying the international development goals, strategic systems and implementation plans of SMEs in line with the global macro environment, and promote cooperation, collaboration, trust and cooperation among governments, enterprises, social organizations, etc. It will build a platform for international cooperation and exchange for enterprises, and provide more small, medium-sized and micro enterprises with channels to participate in and benefit from global economic and trade cooperation.

Relying on international think tanks: giving advice for enterprises to better involve in the international economic interactions

The Association of International Economic Strategy implements the president responsibility system under the leadership of the Council. It has a secretariat, an advisory committee and an academic committee. It has branches in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and other places.

Ms. Peng Dan, president of the Association of International Economic Strategy, said that the pace of enterprise globalization cooperation is gradually accelerating, which can not be separated from the promotion of two factors. On the one hand, the degree of enterprise internationalization is getting deeper. With the continuous improvement of the enterprise’s own research and development capabilities and manufacturing level, the enterprises originally engaged in foreign trade business hope to find a larger market, and the establishment of factories overseas and cooperation with overseas enterprises have become important forms for enterprises to explore the market; On the other hand, with the deepening of international cooperation, more people go abroad, and international exchanges are increasingly frequent, and more business opportunities can be found overseas. Relying on international business networks and think tanks, the Association will provide enterprises with targeted services in industrial cooperation, technology, capital, operation, supply chain and other aspects from a global perspective.

It is reported that the Association of International Economic Strategy has gathered international expert advisory teams from various industries, including former dignitaries from many countries, Nobel laureates, international experts, Olympic champions, etc., to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of small, medium and micro enterprises in the new economic situation from multiple perspectives, so as to better serve the process of enterprise globalization cooperation.

Expanding the International Vision: Promoting “New Globalization”

Opening up is an important driving force for the progress of human civilization and the only way for the prosperity and development of the world. In the face of the great changes that have not occurred in a century, SMEs should further expand their international vision, support each other, report to the delegation for warmth, create a global ecosystem of great development and good development, and work together on multi-party cooperation strategies and plans for common prosperity.

Many dignitaries and experts said in their speech that the establishment of the Association of International Economic Strategy coincided with the trend of “new globalization” and opened a door to the world market for SMEs. They called on dignitaries, experts and scholars, industry associations, well-known entrepreneurs and others to jointly participate in the construction and promotion of the “new globalization” platform of the Association of International Economic Strategy.

At the forum session of “Sharing New Development and Joining Hands for the Future”, experts and scholars held heated discussions and in-depth exchanges around such hot topics as “high-quality development of enterprises”, “how to upgrade and transform enterprises in the new situation to achieve win-win sharing”, and “how to improve their quality and level while participating in the international cycle”.

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