Terra Agri Service by Terra Drone Indonesia and Sinarmas Group SMART Tbk Digitizes Palm Oil Fertilizer Management

Through Terra Agri Service, Terra Drone Indonesia advances the palm oil fertilizer process for Sinarmas Group SMART Tbk to tackle waste and human error.

Illustration of DJI T40 fertilizer spraying drone. Image source: Terra Agri documentation.

Terra Agri is an agricultural service brand operating in Southeast Asia through Terra Drone Indonesia and Terra Drone Agri in Malaysia.

Through Terra Agri Service, Terra Drone Indonesia advances the palm oil fertilizer process for Sinarmas Group SMART Tbk to tackle waste and human error.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, March 21, 2024 / — Terra Drone Indonesia, a subsidiary of Terra Drone Corporation, proudly announces its agreement on a business contract in collaboration with SMART Tbk, a group company of Sinarmas, one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia and a leader in sustainable palm oil production. This strategic collaboration aims to modernize fertilizer management as part of Terra Drone Indonesia’s ‘Terra Agri’ agricultural service. The groundbreaking project seeks to digitally transform and optimize the fertilizer processes in palm oil plantation management, marking a significant step towards sustainable and efficient agriculture practices. With the commencement of this contract, Terra Drone embarks on its journey into the fertilizer application industry.

Project Scope

The project targets the enhancement of fertilizer spreading procedures across over 60,000 hectares of palm oil plantations spanning the Kalimantan and Bangka Belitung islands for a year. One of the challenges in palm oil plantation management has been the inconsistent distribution of fertilizer, often due to human errors.

Innovative Solutions and Strategic Collaboration

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the project emphasizes precise and scheduled fertilization, ensuring even fertilizer distribution across tree blocks, and marking the area that has been fertilized based on the existing report provided by the drone.

The implementation of the DJI Agras T40 drone, equipped with a 50 kg payload capacity and exceptional precision in adjusting fertilizer application for each plant. This advanced capability enables precise delivery of accurate amounts of fertilizer to individual trees, thereby reducing waste and ensuring optimal growth across all plantation blocks. By eliminating irregularities in the fertilization process, the project significantly enhances operational efficiency while reducing its environmental impact.

SMART Tbk is a company that is widely recognized for its commitment to sustainable palm oil production. The company understands the importance of innovation in achieving its goals. Through the agriculture service ’Terra Agri,’ Terra Drone Indonesia and SMART Tbk aim to implement innovative solutions that will help to improve environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. By working together, these companies will be able to develop new and better ways of producing palm oil that are both sustainable and efficient.

Shared Vision and Driving Innovation in Agriculture

Building upon their longstanding partnership predating Terra Drone’s business acquisition from Avirtech, Terra Drone Indonesia and SMART Tbk are dedicated to advancing the accuracy and monitoring of fertilizer application processes with this new fertilizer project, aligning with Sinarmas’ vision of producing palm oil products through sustainable practices.

This collaborative project highlights Terra Drone Indonesia’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in agriculture, supporting Indonesia’s agricultural sector. With the successful implementation of this project, Terra Drone Indonesia and SMART Tbk aim to set a new standard for fertilizer spraying in palm oil plantations, demonstrating the transformative potential of technology-driven solutions in agriculture.


About PT SMART Tbk

SMART Tbk, a subsidiary of Golden Agri-Resoures (GAR) and a group company of Sinarmas, operates under the Sinarmas Agribusiness and Food brand in Indonesia, standing as one of the world’s leading seed-to-shelf agribusiness companies. In collaboration with smallholders, the company specializes in oil palm cultivation and the production of food and fuel to address both current and future needs, with sustainability serving as its fundamental principal.

About Terra Drone Indonesia

Terra Drone Indonesia is a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone utilization services provider for aerial survey activities in industrial applications covering mapping, modeling, inspection, and monitoring from the air. In addition, we provide training & consulting for companies that already use drones for daily operations.

About Terra Agri

Terra Agri is an agricultural service brand operating in Southeast Asia through Terra Drone Indonesia and Terra Drone Agri in Malaysia. We offer crop intelligence and plantation control systems to monitor site conditions, utilizing aerial and ground information, including topography, crop health, soil quality, rainfall, and farm operations activity. We focus on streamlining and digitizing agricultural processes, employing drone technology for efficient spraying and mapping throughout production cycles.

About Terra Drone

Terra Drone is a pioneering drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) technology company headquartered in Japan, with the mission to [ Unlock “X” Dimensions ], creating a prosperous future by “crossing” bridges by integrating diverse fields to foster innovation and find solutions. Its proprietary, patented technologies in drones, sensors, software are the foundation of the specialized solutions—ranging from surveying and inspections to pesticide spraying—which are revolutionizing key industries including oil and gas, construction and engineering, chemicals, electricity, and agriculture on a global scale.

In July 2023, Terra Drone acquired a majority stake in Unifly, a world leading provider of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) systems, having a proven track record of implementing its system on a national level in over eight countries. Terra Drone’s ambition is to develop comprehensive solutions for drones and UAM, with the overarching aim of establishing a digital infrastructure in the skies to maximize the potential of air mobility.

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