Tattoo Protocol Builds Trust Within the Crypto Sphere

Los Angeles, CA, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Tattoo Protocol team is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first multi-chain insured launchpad. The team designed their launchpad with new, and seasoned investors in mind. A safe space to create an income without the worry of investing in a phantom project.

As crypto becomes more desirable and valuable, hopeful investors have also become targets for con artists and scammers. The crypto sphere is booming with entrepreneurs and idealists. Those who come up with solutions to problems we may face. 

Although there is plenty of good within this space, there are always those who manipulate people who don’t know any better. Defrauding people of their hard-earned money, these scammers move from project to project, gas-lighting investors into trusting them.

Creating a roadmap to success and gaining the trust of investors, scammers will abruptly leave the project behind and take off with the investment. Left with empty promises, and pockets, investors are in dire need of a safe and secure platform to continue funding legitimate projects and creating a passive, profitable income for themselves and their families.

Tattoo Protocol has come up with a solution for this ever-growing, tiresome problem, the introduction of Pre-sale Investment Insurance, leading innovation in the crypto sphere. Tattoo Protocol is the first to create a secure space for investors and legitimate businesses to come together to build something great again.

While NFT mint and GO scams are one of the most prominent schemes to affect the blockchain, Tattoo Protocol has hindered those who wish to run off with investors’ money. Pre-sale Investment Insurance holds the token launchers accountable for their actions and builds trust with potential investors.

Projects that choose to be listed on the Tattoo Protocol launchpad, will only be able to withdraw a maximum of 30% of mint proceeds while the remaining investments are safely locked within the Tattoo Inu token.

After completion of a minimum of 3 road-map obligations, to be determined by the Tattoo Protocol team, the remaining 70% of the balance can then be withdrawn. However, if the potential project does not complete the obligations within the allotted time of 90 days, Tattoo Protocol will refund investors their initial investment*.

Tattoo Protocols’ main objective is to limit scammers’ capabilities as much as possible while building and maintaining trust between investors and token creators. Not only has Tattoo Protocol built a launchpad that holds token creators accountable for their actions, they’ve exceeded standards by also offering NFT metaverse gaming with incentives and rewards.

The Tattoo Protocol team provides reliable service to both seasoned and inexperienced investors. A weekly podcast will be held to discuss important topics such as upcoming blockchain projects, potential scams, confirmed fraudsters and their associates, as well as much more! It should be noted that the Tattoo Inu podcast will not advertise or endorse any blockchain projects. It is for informational purposes only.

Doing your own research is imperative when it comes to investing within the crypto sphere. Tattoo Protocol has taken the initiative to create a safe space for investors to create a passive income and token creators to build trust. One less thing that potential investors need to worry about.

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