Taiwan's Renowned Pastry Company, County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd., Establishes New Facility to Expand Export Lines and Prepare to Launch Hualien Crispy Pasty Internationally

HUALIEN, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd., a well-known Taiwanese pastry manufacturer, has announced an ambitious initiative to invest in a new production facility, expanding its export capabilities and introducing its high-quality Hualien Crispy Biscuit to the international market.

New Production Facility Project

County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd. recently announced plans to construct a new production facility in the Hualien Meilun Industrial Zone, covering an area of approximately 2,865 square meters, for a total floor area of nearly 3,000 square meters. This four-story state-of-the-art food factory is currently undergoing a two-year planning process and has achieved ISO22000 and HACCP certifications. The project will house three main production lines and will integrate IoT equipment monitoring systems, create a cloud kitchen product history system, and introduce a new ultrasonic cutting machine. Expected to be completed by 2025, the company is also collaborating with a plastic center project to improve the packaging of the Hualien Crispy Biscuit, with a planned launch in 2024. County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd. aims to enhance the international competitiveness of its products and is targeting primary export markets in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This significant development will further drive Taiwan’s pastry industry into the international arena, allowing more people to savor the beauty of Taiwanese baking.

Company Background and Flagship Products

The owner of County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd., affectionately known as “Master Liu,” is a master baker with exceptional baking skills. At the age of thirteen, he left his hometown in Nantou, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey that has led him to become a pioneer in Taiwan of baking. In 1966, he established County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd. in Hualien, and over the past nearly forty years, he and his wife have steadfastly maintained their passion for baking. They have successfully integrated local agricultural produce into their products, resulting in a range of distinctive pastry items, including “Pineapple Cake,” “Red Fired Dragon Fruit Cake,” and “Driftwood Cake.” “Pineapple Cake” garnered recognition when it received the Han Biscuit Gold Award at the 1998 World Trade International Food Expo. In 2004, the company established its first “Hualien Baked Souvenir – Puti” store, making their products one of the most sought-after souvenirs among tourists. In 2017, County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd. became the first Halal-certified souvenir shop in Hualien.

Flagship Products

  1. Pineapple Cake: This product combines local sweet potatoes, taro, and homemade mochi using traditional handcrafted biscuit-making techniques. It offers a unique texture and is suitable for vegetarians. Each cake weighs approximately 40 grams and has a shelf life of 15 days when unopened.
  2. Red Fired Dragon Fruit Cake: This product is made using local pesticide-free red-fleshed dragon fruit, retaining the integrity of the fruit’s flesh within a flaky pastry. Each box contains 8 cakes with a total weight of around 400 grams, and it has a shelf life of 16 days when unopened.
  3. Floating Cake: This product, with its distinctive black sugar wood grain design, beautifully reflects the natural elements of Hualien. The “Hualien Crispy Biscuit,” a popular product offered by County Specialty Industry Co., Ltd., shares the same crisp texture and rich flavor and is cherished by many.
  4. Hualien Crispy Biscuit: A must-buy for visitors to Hualien, this authentic crispy pastry is meticulously crafted with imported cream using a low-temperature baking process. It offers a deliciously flaky texture and a rich aroma. Each pastry weighs about 300 grams and has a shelf life of 50 days when unopened.
  5. Five Elements Cookie with Needle Flower: This healthy tea snack is made primarily with local sulfur-free chrysanthemum flowers, seaweed sugar, honey, almond slices, pumpkin seeds, wolfberries, black sesame, and other natural ingredients, along with the addition of crispy biscuit slices. It is handmade, non-fried, and suitable for all ages. Each variety represents one of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) with different ingredients and proportions, offering a rich variety of flavors.


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