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Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ventus Respiratory Technologies, a company pioneering a new standard of respiratory protection for law enforcement, the armed forces, and first responders, has conducted a comprehensive study to illustrate the filtration efficacy of its TR2 Tactical Respirator, and to provide quantitative evidence of airborne hazards in weapons training environments.

“The TR2 is unique in the market, being the only CE-certified respirator that is purpose-built for military and law enforcement personnel, to protect them from toxic exposure,” said Arjun Grewal, CEO of Ventus, who previously spent 20 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. “Chronic exposure to particulates such as those produced by combustion has been shown to pose a significant health risk.”

“Particulate” refers to a type of air pollution consisting of a complex mixture of tiny solid particles and liquid droplets in the air. The TR2 has demonstrated its ability to filter out ≥99% of solid airborne particulates down to 0.06μm and 97% of oil-based particles down to 0.3μm.

About The Study:

The study consisted of weapons training exercises with participants wearing Ventus’ TR2. These took place in multiple live training scenarios often experienced by Special Forces and SWAT teams. This included indoor firing ranges, outdoor firing ranges, and close-quarter battle (CQB) shoot houses.

Following this, the respirator filters were removed and analyzed by an independent lab to learn the level and volume of airborne contamination present. “The TR2 protects the wearer’s airway and respiratory system, our filter is a critical layer of protection between the toxic air present in these environments and the body. The findings were surprising.”


An average of 32 different compounds including heavy metals and known carcinogens were identified in all TR2 filters including aluminum, antimony, bismuth, copper, iron, lead, potassium, sodium, strontium, and uranium, with levels consistently exceeding daily exposure thresholds for each chemical, as established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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“These concentrations of heavy metals and carcinogenic compounds are very concerning, particularly considering that the filters examined were worn for a single day only, whereas real-world users typically participate in similar activities 10-15 times per month,” added Grewal. “Respiratory protection has lagged, or simply been non-existent, compared to eye and ear protection requirements for these activities for far too long. The rate of respiratory illness in military personnel is roughly three times greater than for the average population. This study is critical to educate users and leadership of the clear and present risks.”

Short-term exposure to these and other particulate matter can cause airway restriction, reduced oxygenation, slower cognition, diminished performance, and acute respiratory illness. Longer-term exposure to high particulate loads can lead to chronic illness and disability.

Ventus is backed by ONE9 and Kensington Capital. ONE9 is Canada’s first and only venture capital fund and accelerator focused purely on national security and critical infrastructure technologies.


About Ventus Respiratory Technologies

Ventus Respiratory Technologies has pioneered a new standard of respiratory protection for military, police, and first responders worldwide. Its flagship product, the TR2, is positioned to become the global standard as the only fully CE-certified particulate respirator on the market. It protects the wearer from toxic exposure with class-leading filtration in a compact, lightweight, breathable, and interoperable form factor. Its technology-forward design provides a platform for the integration of sensors, biometrics, IoT, and voice-operated applications. Ventus is veteran-founded and has direct access to an elite special forces end-user military network, and a growing number of distribution partners worldwide. Learn more:

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