Students of Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir Topped XIIth CBSE Board Results for the 3rd Consecutive Year

The students of Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir, East Delhi have given excellent results in the CBSE Class XII examinations for the third time in a row. This year, Hiya Garg from Science stream, maintained the School’s benchmark of scoring 99.8%. A similar pattern was seen in previous years, when the School Topper earned the second-best overall ranking in India with 99.8% in Science in 2020 whereas, Anshika Singhal from Commerce was the All India Topper with 99.8% in 2019.


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Students of Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir topped XIIth CBSE Board results for the 3rd consecutive year


The School has produced the All India Topper scoring 499/500 that is 99.8%, while this year even the 2nd topper of the School secured 495/500 at 99%. 36 students secured more than 95% aggregate and 82 scored above 90% aggregate in Class XII CBSE exams. Moreover, 33% students of Class XII scored more than 85% in aggregate, while 46% students scored more than 80%. 44 students scored 100% and 90 students obtained 99% and above, across subjects.


Speaking on this, Ajay Pal Singh, Principal, Bhai Parmanand Vidya Mandir, said, “The School has made an unwavering effort to support its students in enhancing their excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities. These efforts have aided the School in winning several accolades, prizes, and distinctions across many fields. The School takes a lot of pride in its ability and zeal of tracking each individual child’s progress and assessing the academic needs and gaps of each student.”


He further stated that the School is dedicated to ensuring that each student has an exciting time while attending class, one that is filled with exploration, futuristic and continuous learning.


The results of individual attention given to students is also extremely palpable in the School’s Class X results, where the 2 toppers (Vansh Goel & Atishay Jain) have scored 99.2%. 41 students have scored more than 95% and 72 obtained 90% and above aggregate in Class X. 44% of the total students in Class X scored 85% and above in aggregate, while 57% scored more than 80% in aggregate.


Despite the increased emphasis on academics, the School is committed to creating a learning atmosphere and providing its students with the support and motivation they need to achieve in all areas, including extracurricular activities, athletics, and academics. This is further demonstrated by the fact that the School has won both the Overall Sports Championship and the Overall Cultural Championship within its zone for the last four years and seven years in a row, respectively.


The School has been on a constant upward growth trajectory ever since its inception with an established track record of academic and co-curricular excellence along with creating new vistas or opportunities for students. From what has been reported, the School does not intend to rest on its laurels going forward, and is making increasing investments in latest infrastructure and technology to further enable its students to achieve their goals and tread strongly towards furthering their own academic excellences, while also giving them maximum international exposure.


Academic Director, Pratibha Sharma said, “The School Management has been a pioneer in providing its students with top notch infrastructure in the Classroom and Sports Facilities, while also providing its students with the technological tools to keep them in tune with the latest developments in those fields across the world, such initiatives have helped in honing every child’s skills and ensuring that they grow to be a mature and responsible citizens.


In order to prepare students for the ever-increasing demands of daily life, the School works to maintain its tradition of quality while fostering students’ physical, intellectual, social, moral, and emotional growth as well as their view on life,” she added.

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