Streamlining Crypto Wallet Development: Spatium Wallet SDK

Meet Spatium Wallet SDK, aiding non-custodial crypto wallet development with security, user ownership and blockchain compatibility.

Spatium is committed to equipping businesses with powerful tools for development of user-centric crypto wallets, freeing up resources and budget for exceptional UX and innovative product features”

— Vasili Pavlov, CEO @ Spatium

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, August 25, 2023/ — Spatium Wallet SDK is a powerful software facilitating non-custodial crypto wallet development. It takes off the load of development, testing, and code implementation from businesses and enables them to concentrate on the business goals they want to reach.

Spatium, a crypto wallet infrastructure company, is planning to launch Wallet SDK to streamline the development of non-custodial crypto wallets. In 2017 the company was one of the first wallet developers to start using Multiparty Computation (MPC) technology and developed Spatium Wallet – an ideal crypto wallet for seamless web3 onboarding. Over the years, the team has gained a clear understanding of what users need and how to make their web3 experience enjoyable and truly private. The time has come to share the results of their hard work with the world. Welcome non-custodial Spatium Wallet SDK to build secure user-centric wallets.

Spatium’s lightweight yet extremely powerful encryption core, Wallet SDK, is developed having users in mind. Users have full ownership over their digital assets and perform managerial functions regarding the wallet interaction with the business servers, which could be a great asset in gaining users’ loyalty and retention.

Wallets, powered by Spatium Wallet SDK, confirm transactions through the activation of encrypted secrets scattered around several places rather than the generation and application of the private key. What’s more important is that there is no Single Point of Failure (SPOF) because the wallet operates only when all the secrets are activated and in case one of them gets hacked, it cannot compromise the wallet.

This is the ideal feature for users who are not technically advanced but want to join web3 and reap all the benefits provided by the blockchain ecosystem. Wallets that are using Spatium MPC encryption are making a great contribution to crypto wallet mass adoption and consequently helping businesses grow and become highly competitive.

In addition to that, Spatium Wallet SDK helps to build wallets that provide facilitated access restoration. In case a user loses the mobile phone or it breaks, or something happens to the business server, access to the wallet still can be regained. Spatium has introduced an encrypted biometric backup.

On top of all the benefits provided by Spatium Wallet SDK, it’s designed to be blockchain-agnostic. It enables transactions to all EVM-compatible chains. Other major chains are also supported. Wallet SDK is available in native language for iOS and Android. SDK for a web app is written in Typescript. There is cross-platform support as well.
Surprisingly, something that weighs so small, the Wallet SDK is less than 3 MB, can tenfold speed up time to the market. Not to mention saving a big chunk of the budget. The funds allocated could be used to deliver new products while enjoyable user journeys in the crypto world are totally covered by Spatium.

To get more information on the product and the ways it could help businesses, please, contact Spatium directly.

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