Stop inflation and reduce costs of MRO and machining supplies with KBC Tools & Machinery’s 5 Tips to save

Image of front cover of KBC Tools & Machinery's Summer Sales Flyer of tooling

Fight inflation with BIG savings on industrial tooling – more machining with less money.

picture of KBC's electronic digital quill kit for vertical knee mills

Now you know how deep you go with a quick and accurate measurement with KBC’s digital quill kit

Picture of a TMX 6" milling machine vise

6″ Milling Machine Vise by TMX with a 9″ jaw opening – a budget conscious alternative to Kurt Anglock vises lets you squeeze your budget

KBC’s hot tips to save on cutting tools, indexable tooling, work holding, abrasives, measuring equipment, toolroom accessories, hand tools, air tools, machinery

The grocery store is not the only place to stop inflation. Choose package quantities for volume pricing, KBC brand products for extra value, labor saving tools, and stock up on sale items now.”

— Paula Bass, President KBC Tools & Machinery

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, USA, July 13, 2022 / — We have all felt the pinch of increased prices at check out at the grocery store, gas pump, or when buying supplies for the house. Those increases, combined with supply chain issues, increases in shipping container fees, raw material shortages, are hitting the industrial manufacturing sector hard. Still, there are ways to diminish costs and increase purchasing power for industrial manufacturers and maintenance professionals keeping North America working and producing. Here are 5 top tips to stretch tooling budgets:

1. Buy in volume. Many industrial distributors offer discounts for volume purchases. KBC offers package quantity discounts from as low as 6 or 12 pieces of drills, taps, and fasteners. Usages for common items can be reviewed for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months in order to place larger orders ensuring stock levels and guaranteed pricing.

2. House brands offer high value at lower costs. Industrial products often come in good, better, best options. These options may be quality imports, no name North American made goods, or products by world class manufacturers. Industrial house brands, like Brand KBC from KBC Tools & Machinery, are private labelled products that are high volume movers bought in larger quantities by the distributor to sell at an attractive price point. Just like at the grocery store, the house brand crackers are often made by the name brand manufacturer in fancy packaging sitting on the shelf just a few inches away. Out of the package these crackers taste the same, look the same, but cost a whole lot less. Check out KBC Tools & Machinery’s new online only flyer highlighting top Brand KBC items. Switch to house brands to save.

3. Time and gas are money. Every manufacturer has a load rate for each machine when it sits idle plus the cost of its machinists, CNC operators, and tool and die makers. Rather than buy once a tool is broken and suffer high load rates with no manufacturing, it is more cost effective to buy an extra or two for more common tooling items. Kits of cutting tools and tools allow you to have the tools you might need vs the tools you know you need, often saving you time and money when the situation arises. Ordering ahead and ordering online for delivery saves time, gas, and wear and tear on vehicles and keeps people at work and working. Check out KBC’s free shipping offers on sale items at

4. Study the sales flyers of industrial distributors. Items on sale, top picks, special buys, end of lines, one of a kinds are all discounted and might just be the key to the budget going further. KBC has a sales flyer running till September 30, 2022 full of special buys, end of lines, and new product introductions from their 12 industrial categories: cutting tools, indexable tooling, fluids, work holding, abrasives, measuring & inspection equipment, toolroom accessories, hand tools, shop supplies, power & air tools, machinery, and clearance/end of lines. ything in 64th’s of an inch doesn’t mean that is the best way to manufacture the piece. If plans are designed using more common tooling the cost of tools goes down and the availability of those products goes up. There are many ways to manufacture the same item, and there are many ways to manufacture it a lower cost with preplanning. Look through KBC’s product offerings and availability online before making your final drawings,

5. Look for items to save time, not just money. Tool organization products make finding what you need quicker and easier, plus they protect your tools while being stored. Digital measuring equipment with absolute encoders allow you to zero out measurements so that you can easily see if you are over and under tolerance specifications which make measurements quick and easy. Power feeds installed on lathes and mills make repetitive machining quick and easy and save on the wear and tear of machinists.

KBC’s new sales flyer highlights: New items which include: Viking Drill & Tool’s Vortex Point 29 piece Mechanics Length Drill Set that cut up to 45% faster with its multi stepped 135 degree split point tips and reduces walking on curved surfaces, (use with sheet metal, hardened metals, cast iron, brass, plastic, mild steel, and copper), KBC’s made in USA 4 flute center cutting endmills, TMX’s 6” milling machine vises with a 10 year warranty, 8.9” jaw opening, 2.05” jaw depth, and 5.98” jaw width – these vises really give those other Anglock vises a run for the money, KBC’s IP54 splash and water and dust resistant: digital calipers 0-6” and 0-12”; 0-6” electronic digital quill kits with absolute encoding; 0-6” digital depth calipers with double hook and .0005” resolution and .001” accuracy.

Whether you are doing maintenance and repair work on a production line, creating fixtures for building airplane wings, making molds for automotive components, setting up a machine shop for high school or university students, creating valves for pumps for food, liquids, and batteries, creating custom components as a job shop, building a custom motorcycle from scratch, etc. we have what you need to get the job done.

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Happy tooling!

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