SRM University-AP Offers MTech with a 100 Percent Fee Waiver and Rs. 75,000 Stipend Per Year

Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India

SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, is a multi-stream research university focusing on diverse fields. Faculty members with PhD from renowned Universities in India and abroad fulfil the university’s mission of disseminating world-class knowledge and creating a culture of innovation. To promote research in higher education, SRM University-AP is offering an MTech programme with a 100% tuition fee waiver and Rs. 72,000 stipend per year. Joining SRM University-AP for MTech gives an opportunity for students to work on cutting edge research projects with industrial collaborations. SRM University-AP has industry-standard labs, and working in them will prepare students to be industry-ready by the time they graduate. MTech is offered in the following specialisations:


  • Computer Science Engineering: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering: VLSI – Very Large-Scale Integration, IoT – Internet of Things

  • Mechanical Engineering: Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


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SRM AP – MTech 2022 Admissions Open


Students taking admission for MTech in Computer Science Engineering will have the opportunity to work with the NVIDIA DGX machine, a turnkey AI supercomputer with 80 core Intel Xeon E5-2698 and 8 V100 32 GB RAM GPUs. In addition, Lab components are embedded into the programme where students get to work with software such as Prolog logic programming using SWI Prolog and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using Jupyter notebook. Students are trained to install the lab software on their laptop computers to complete the lab exercises so that the learning never stops. 


The ECE department enables MTech students to work in the Cadence lab that has 40 licence research bundles with front-end and back-end tools. VLSI students are in great demand in various core companies like Intel, IBM, Texas Instruments, Cadence, Synopsis, and Mentor Graphics. Students pursuing MTech in IoT will go through a multidisciplinary approach to designing, developing, and simulating IoT-based systems.


MTech in Mechanical Engineering Department at SRM AP allows working on one of the many industrial projects the faculty researchers execute in Materials and Manufacturing. The department collaborates with reputed industries such as Tanishq Jewellers, Amara Raja Batteries, Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Indsat corporations etc. 


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