SPACEMAN 10k Pro, A Revolutionary Vape Experience exhibited at Alternative Products Expo in LAS VEGAS

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SPACEMAN, a pioneering vaping brand, recently showcased its latest product, the SPACEMAN 10K Pro. Powered by industry leaders SMOK, the latest vape product was on show at the Alternative Products Expo in Las Vegas, held from Sep 14th to Sep 16th. The event draws a diverse mix of industry professionals and companies, and by bringing the alternative community together, seeks to provide an immersive and unique opportunity for networking and business expansion for smoke shop professionals around the world.

Just like real spacemen pushing the boundaries of space, the brand is here to push the limits of vaping innovation. SMOK, a vaping industry expert with 13 years of industry experience, has pushed its products to the forefront of disposable vaping innovation by adopting the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and user-centered design. At this expo, the new product SPACEMAN 10k Pro has greatly attracted the attention of customers, peers, merchants and distributors around the world.

SPACEMAN 10k Pro has broken the design standard of conventional disposable vaping products, not only visually adopts a more eye-catching fuselage design by making full use of sandblasted laser engraving oxidation technique that stands out from the crowd, but also has a more intuitive and intelligent operation experience than conventional disposable vaping products, the smart screen allows you to see the e-liquid indicator and battery indicator more directly, getting rid of the anxiety that conventional disposable vaping products cannot intuitively visualize the remaining e-liquid and battery status.

The SPACEMAN 10k Pro vaping product offers a comprehensive set of features that address key indicators of efficacy, including smoke volume, security, and stability:

  • Enhanced Longevity: With an impressive capacity of 10,000 puffs, the SPACEMAN 10k Pro eliminates the need for frequent replacements. This extended lifespan ensures a continuous and satisfying vaping experience, allowing users to explore a wide range of flavors and sensations without interruptions.
  • Safety Features: The SPACEMAN 10k Pro incorporates advanced safeguards, including over-time protection and short-circuit protection. These safety measures enhance the overall security of the device, providing users with peace of mind during their vaping sessions.
  • Reliable Stability: Equipped with a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery, the SPACEMAN 10k Pro ensures a stable and consistent power supply. This feature allows for prolonged vaping sessions without compromising performance, maintaining a reliable and enjoyable experience for users.

By addressing these three important indicators, the SPACEMAN 10k Pro vaping product aims to deliver a high-quality and reliable vaping experience, offering longevity, safety, and stability to users.

In addition, the SPACEMAN 10k Pro also has the following features:

  • Digital Display Screen
  • 10+ Flavors
  • Pre-Filled 16ml Tank
  • 0.7ohm Meshed Coils( The Purest Flavor Satisfaction and Intense Vapor Production)
  • MTL(mouth-to-lung) & RDL( restricted-direct-lung) Airflow Control
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Type-C Fast Charging
  • Anti Leak Technology
  • Button-free Operation

During the three-day exhibition, the SPACEMAN brand successfully attracted exhibitors and visitors from around the world. By distributing samples and trial packages, the brand maximized its on-site exposure, leading to a highly effective promotional impact. The event served as a platform for concentrated brand promotion and allowed attendees to experience the products firsthand, leaving a lasting impression.

Furthermore, SPACEMAN leveraged social media platforms before and after the exhibition to enhance brand recall and engagement. By utilizing these channels, the brand effectively extended its reach beyond the event, creating a lasting memory and fostering continued interest among consumers.

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