SM International Announces Expansion into the Indian Market

SM International, a leading online financial platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic entry into the Indian market. This move marks a significant milestone in the company’s global expansion efforts. SM International aims to revolutionize the Indian investment landscape, bringing new opportunities for financial growth and stability to millions.

In a significant stride towards establishing its international stature, SM International has laid out a comprehensive future expansion plan into the Indian Market. By addressing the longstanding issues of market chaos and financial losses faced by tens of thousands of Indians, SM International is set to usher in a new era of change.

Park Ho-woo, CEO of SM International, outlined the key factors contributing to the platform’s potential to transform the Indian market:

Safety: The amount of SM International membership is supervised by the State Bank of India. Once financial risks occur, SBI Life will fully protect the financial risks.

Transparency: SM International ensures that every SM International member can view tax receipts while ensuring the transparency of every income.

Hierarchy: SM International has a complete VIP hierarchy. Any team leader with management skills can have the opportunity to enter SM International’s top management.

Localization: SM International expects to complete its listing plan before August and fully implement localized management in India by October. All marketing managers were replaced by local members in India. This is fair and just. As long as you have enough management skills, you can change your life and enter the upper class.

Elimination system: With a complete VIP system, if you have strong management skills, you can apply to be a team leader or even a marketing manager to have better development prospects.


About SM International

SM International is an online financial platform designed to empower individuals through accessible and transparent financial solutions. With just a mobile phone, anyone can embark on a journey to financial independence and success.

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