SkinGenious Providing Patient Education for the Best Skin and Hair Treatments in Mumbai

SkinGenious is on a mission to help Mumbai residents find the best skin specialists in Mumbai. As part of this quest, they have started an initiative to promote transparency and patient education about skin & hair treatments.


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Patient education comes first


When it comes to aesthetic treatments such as laser hair removal, dermal fillers or facials, most clients are confused about the procedure steps, what the treatment entails, how long it takes and the costs involved.


Apart from this, clients often have queries about their concerns, without much knowledge about the treatment and improvement options. The concerns could range from wrinkles and sagging skin to something as simple as open pores or dry skin. It is imperative to provide accurate information to help them understand their options and potential for improvement.


“We want to see a transparent, knowledge driven market where pricing is not arbitrary and consumers don’t feel cheated. These initiatives have been taken with patient education in mind, to help potential clients be absolutely clear about what they are getting into, before they even step into the clinics,” said Soumyendro Chatterjee, Director – SkinGenious.


To tackle the problem in the easiest way possible, SkinGenious provides all the detailed information on its website, along with complete transparency on pricing. In case you are not an avid reader, they have a well-educated team available who will answer all your queries. The SkinGenious phone number, 022-48966605 is different from others because it is not just for booking appointments but can also be used for preliminary consultation and information gathering.


In case of requirement of more detailed aesthetic requirements like dermal fillers, you can also get on a free-of-cost video call with one of the top dermatologists of the city, who will provide the facial assessment and estimated cost details on the spot.


SkinGenious helps in selecting the right skin specialist for treatments and cosmetology, which involves a lot of factors that are tough for laymen to understand.


It is a one-stop shop for all skin queries; it was launched in January 2020 in Mumbai. Currently, SkinGenious operates within five locations and intends to have 20 so that they are close to every resident in the city. SkinGenious is associated with the best dermatologists of Mumbai.


SkinGenious ensure that the management processes are upgraded to provide client delight. They help the doctor with introducing transparent pricing, a membership program, rewards and loyalty points and access to the latest developments in technology. This brings together the best of both worlds.


At SkinGenious they want the discerning seekers to know that the true and scientific custodians of beauty are highly trained dermatologists who provide board certified and USFDA approved treatments, services and products that deliver actual and targeted results. All the treatments and services are provided under their direct supervision. Their aim is to provide true value for money in a luxurious and expert environment.


Enjoy the future of skin care. SkinGenious is currently available only in the city of Mumbai and they have rapid expansion plans.

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