Sichuan Daily: Following Poets to the Giant Panda

SICHUAN, China–()–Some poets, who have participated in the 5th Chengdu International Poetry Week recently, have had a field trip to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Led by the staff of the research base, the participating poets took photos all the way to learn the name, age and personality of each giant panda. Participating poets have found it very interesting that different giant pandas have different living habits and personalities, although they belong to the same species.

As a staff of a large-scale e-commerce company, Wang Erdong has written a series of poems with the “courier” as the leading character. By observing this new profession that emerges in such a modern industrial society, he has expressed his thoughts on the new things brought about by modern industrial production.

That was Wang Erdong’s first time participating in the International Poetry Week, and it was also his first time visiting the research base. “My previous impression of pandas is round shape, especially lovable. However, after seeing the giant pandas in person today, I have learned about their growth. Actually, I think that the giant pandas have to adopt themselves to the external environment gradually after fighting against it and have also to confront with various problems such as diseases and competition as they live in the natural environment from birth to adulthood to old age.”

Since entering the research base, the Columbian poet Li Ge has been holding his cell to take photos and videos. “Pandas are so cute and chubby as if they were like unreal creatures.”

Li Ge’s native language is Spanish. After coming to China in 2006, he began to learn Chinese and tried to write in Chinese. “I work mainly in the film art industry. How to find a kind of linkage and balance between film art and poetic literature and between Chinese and my mother tongue is always what I want to do.” Li Ge told reporters so.

Passing through the lush and verdant bamboo forest in the research base, the participating poets have also fully felt the ecological beauty of Chengdu. This is also an aspect of life in Chengdu, presenting the local unique beauty and poetry.

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