Shiv Sahai and Sons Pvt. Ltd. Launches Mint My Gold

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Shiv Sahai and Sons Pvt. Ltd. was rooted in Chennai since 1971 and is India’s one of the leading large-scale functioning international and domestic bullion trading enterprises. Shiv Sahai and Sons Pvt. Ltd. has recently announced the launch of Mint My Gold, the safest online platform for gold investment. This platform is customized to make gold investment simple, safe, and as low as 1 rupee.


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Mint My Gold


Mint My Gold is one of India’s trusted digital platforms for gold investment. It is a dedicated platform that allows everyone to invest in gold for any amount. Customers from corporate to retail can buy digital gold and redeem them into gold coins or their favorite jewels from any jewelry shop. This ‘Gold for you’ platform assures everyone with Pure 24 k Gold. We help you to store your gold securely and link it to live market prices to keep your gold investment on track.


Mr. Ganesh Agarwal, Managing Director of Shiv Sahai and Sons Pvt. Ltd. said, “We have observed that most of the people have difficulty in choosing the right path to start investing in gold. So, here we have come up with a secure and transparent platform to enlighten your golden future with digital investment.” 


“We thrive to help everyone to carry forward the ancient practice of investing in gold, with the added benefit of modern security. We look forward everyone to invest in digital gold,” said Vinay Agarwal, Managing Director, Mint My Gold.


For more details about the platform, please contact us at +91 91500 55175 or mail us at


A smart plan for a better tomorrow! Save Money, Buy Gold.

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