Sheela Foam Celebrates 50 Years of Bringing Healthy Comfort to Your Lives

Sheela Foam, India’s leading manufacturer of Polyurethane foam and an ISO 9001 certified company, marked its 50th anniversary yesterday. A brand that was started as a dream to make India sleep well by Smt. Sheela Gautam, has today become the torchbearer for promoting public awareness on the importance of quality sleep for good health and wellbeing.


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Mr. Rahul Gautam, Managing Director, Sheela Foam Ltd.


Commenting on this milestone, Mr. Rahul Gautam, Managing Director, Sheela Foam Ltd. said, “For the past 50 years, Sheela Foam has been bringing healthy comfort to your lives. Your patronage has helped us create brands like Sleepwell, with operations across India, Australia and Spain. We thank you for this privilege and the trust placed in us. We look forward to contributing to your wellbeing for generations to come.”


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Sleepwell Building


50 years ago in 1971, Sheela Foam started by setting up operations in Noida. It entered a rapid phase of expansion in 1993 when it launched its flagship consumer facing brand – Sleepwell followed by an incredible journey of acquiring and building new plants, channel partners, and entering into key strategic global tie-ups for manufacturing of mattresses and foams. Today, it is a ranked as the largest selling Polyurethane (PU) Foam in the country.


The winning brands of Sheela Group include:

  • Sleepwell – the flagship brand for mattresses and comfort accessories

  • Feather foam – a pure PU foam

  • Lamiflex – a superior quality polyether/polyester foam for lamination


About Sheela Foam

Over the last fifty years, Sheela Foam Limited. India, along with its subsidiaries, Joyce Foam, Australia and Interplasp, Spain continues to be the market leader in P.U. Foam industry. It has a dominant market share with 10 state-of-art manufacturing unit, 150 Distributors, 4500 Exclusive Showrooms and over 6000 Dealers across India, along with 7 plants & 500 + customers across Australia, New Zealand and Spain.


For the past fifty years, our flagship brands, ‘Sleepwell’, ‘Feather Foam’, and ‘Lamiflex’, have become market leaders, not just because of innovation, extensive research, and a dedicated team to produce superior quality, value-for-money and a wide range of products, but because we understand the need for comfort of our customers.


In the last half century, while our business grew, we learnt to be socially responsible through Sleepwell Foundation, our CSR arm. Going beyond business, we self-regulate our work model to make us socially accountable to ourselves, to our stakeholders, and to the community at large.


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