Serving for a Better Tomorrow, A Rajiv Talreja & QL one Initiative

In a world where social entrepreneurs and NGOs tirelessly work to make the world a better place, SERVE Coaching positions itself as a pillar of support and growth. Now more than ever, these changemakers need astute planning, effective management, and the right strategies to succeed.


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A Rajiv Talreja & QL one Initiative


Recognizing this, SERVE Coaching introduces a powerful tool for boosting the good work of these dedicated individuals: business coaching. SERVE Coaching, a completely free initiative for NGOs and social entrepreneurs, is spearheaded by Rajiv Talreja. This initiative stands to serve those who dedicate themselves to serving humanity.


With a history of bolstering MSMEs and creating thousands of jobs, SERVE Coaching is now dedicating its resources to social enterprises and NGOs on a pro-bono basis. After empowering over 6 lakh+ MSMEs to scale their businesses across 6 countries, SERVE Coaching is extending its mission to include NGOs and social-centric businesses. The goal is straightforward: to amplify their impact and drive sustainable change.


Rajiv Talreja along with his team at Quantum Leap Learning Solutions (now QL One) is well-versed in the unique challenges faced by social enterprises. Its expertise, refined through aiding over 5 lakh entrepreneurs, is now directed towards uplifting social missions.


The initiative offers a range of services including operational excellence, broadened outreach, dynamic team building, sustained growth, transparent governance, efficient management, and leadership mastery. Social entrepreneurs and NGOs looking to elevate their missions are invited to embark on this transformative journey with SERVE Coaching. They are encouraged to apply for the free Business Coaching and Training engagement to create lasting change, together.


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What SERVE Coaching can help with:

Craftinh robust strategies to streamline your operations. Leveraging advanced marketing strategies to expand your reach. Receiving HR guidance to build and nurture a high-impact team. Implement sales strategies that ensure lasting impact. Gain financial insights for clarity and accountability. Utilize tools and techniques for optimal management. Acquire insights to steer your enterprise towards exponential growth.


If you’re a social entrepreneur or an NGO, it’s time to elevate your mission. Embark on this transformative journey with us. Apply for our FREE Business Coaching and Training engagement and let’s create lasting change, together.


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Terms And Conditions 


  1. Only registered NGOs and social entrepreneurs are eligible to apply for this engagement. Submission of Annual Reports, Government Registrations, and GST

  2. Applicants must ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of all information provided. Misrepresentation may lead to disqualification.

  3. Certifications (for social businesses) are required for authenticity verification. 


  1. Selection will be done only based on applications received along with all the required reports before 21st Nov.

  2. Our internal committee will conduct a meticulous review of each application through an internal, arbitrary decision-making process. Selection is at our sole discretion and is not contestable.


  1. All applicant data and details are subject to strict confidentiality protocols.

  2. Serve Coaching is a private initiative of QL One, unaffiliated with any government entity.

  3. Our coaching is provided independently, free from any external influence.

  4. Coaching is based on our established training models, with a track record of success.

  5. There is no fee for participation; our support is entirely pro-bono.

  6. All interactions and coaching sessions will be conducted online.

  7. We reserve the right to modify program content or delivery methods as needed. 


  1. We will provide exceptional coaching and training but specific business results are NOT guaranteed, as success is dependent on mutual commitment, implementation and action.

  2. All coaching and training materials including video meetings, resources etc used for the entire duration of training and coaching remain the property of QL One. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is prohibited.

  3. The coaching period will be of a specific duration. There is no obligation for continued support post-program unless separately agreed upon.

  4. Serve Coaching, QL One, and its coaches are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of our services.

  5. Participation does not imply endorsement. The QL One or Serve Coaching name or logo cannot be used for promotional purposes without written permission.

  6. Disputes arising from participation should be resolved through mutual negotiation before legal action.

  7. Serve Coaching reserves the right to cancel the program or an organization’s participation at its discretion.

  8. Organizations are expected to commit to the entire duration of the coaching program. Lack of commitment may result in termination of services.


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