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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, April 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Samsung Canada is encouraging users to reach their wellness goals with advanced health monitoring tools, made available in Canada through the Samsung Health Monitor app. Designed to conquer better living every day, the Galaxy Watch4 Series is now equipped to help categorize and track a wide range of new and recently released health and wellness offerings.

Cutting-edge wellness features include BioActive Sensor technology and Advanced Sleep & Continuity SPO2, offering some of Samsung’s most advanced health and wellness capabilities to date. Insights from the BioActive sensor, which measures Optical Heart Rate and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, can be seen on the app— so users can monitor their heart rate and blood oxygen level1.

Also, new blood pressure monitoring2 and electrocardiogram (ECG)3 features – which, together, are the first in Canada launched on a smartwatch, will be available to help complete an expansive suite of tools for monitoring fitness and overall wellness on the Samsung Health Monitor app4 through the Galaxy Watch4 Series.

“The needs of today’s smartwatch user is continuously evolving. With this new software update, Samsung is providing access to meaningful data and insights to support Canadians in advancing their health and wellness goals,” said Raj Doshi, Head of Mobile Business, Samsung Canada. “We are excited to introduce these new features and innovations as part of our wider commitment to redefining holistic wellness.”

This offering has been combined with previously released features, including the Body Composition5 measurement tool, which provides users with an understanding of their general wellness and fitness, with key measurements like skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage. Whether a user is looking to get active, or is focusing on a unique improvement journey, data from the Samsung Health Monitor app and useful tips and reminders allows them to make informed decisions about their wellness.

With a suite of advanced features to fit you and your lifestyle, the Galaxy Watch4 Series is a powerful companion that’s built to keep your life on track while making a stylish statement wherever you go. In addition, Galaxy device continuity allows users to access their insights into their overall wellness across different devices including select Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Blood Pressure Measurement

The Galaxy Watch4 Series measures blood pressure through pulse wave analysis, which is tracked with the Heart Rate Monitoring sensors. Users can simply tap it to measure their blood pressure at their convenience and see results on their Galaxy smartphone Samsung Health Monitor app.

Electrocardiogram Monitoring

The new electrocardiogram feature on the Galaxy Watch4 Series works by analyzing the heart’s electrical activity, classifying it as either a Sinus Rhythm (a normal, regular heartbeat) or AFib (when the heart beats irregularly)6. Users who reeceive and AFib reading are encouraged to consult with their qualified health professional to address any questions or concerns. Being able to monitor heart health on a regular basis allows users to be more informed on their overall health.


Users must have the Samsung Health Monitor app installed on their Galaxy Watch4 Series device and their Galaxy smartphone7 to take blood pressure and electrocardiogram measurements. The Samsung Health Monitor app update will be available on the Galaxy Watch4 Series starting April 20, 2022. For more information, visit Samsung Canada Newsroom or


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1 The Blood Oxygen (SpO2) feature is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Availability of this feature may vary by market. Please consult a medical professional for advice.
2  Blood pressure feature only to be used by adults 22 years and older. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment of any medical condition or disease. The measurements are for your personal reference only. Please consult a medical professional for advice. For accurate BP readings, a calibration is required every 4 weeks by BP monitor &arm cuff.
3  Intended to create, record, store, transfer, and display a single channel electrocardiogram (ECG), similar to a Lead I ECG for adults 22 years and older. The ECG feature is not intended to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment. The ECG feature is not intended for users with other known arrhythmias. If an irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation is detected, consult a doctor. If you experience symptoms of a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular conditions, do not rely on the notification of the device and consult a doctor. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.
4  A Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy smartphone are required to use Samsung Health Monitor app. Supported watches: Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Supported smartphones: Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 7.0 OS version or higher.
The Samsung BIA is a body analyzer that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to track body composition based on weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI), skeletal muscle, body water, and basal metabolic rate (BMR) measurements. This feature and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. If you have any questions the Samsung BIA or medical condition, contact a medical professional. Availability of this feature may vary by market.
The ECG recording or Samsung Health Monitor app never looks for signs of a heart attack. It is not intended to replace traditional methods of diagnosis or treatment.
7  The blood pressure and electrocardiogram measurements are only functional with a compatible Samsung device that has the Samsung Health Monitor app installed and Galaxy Watch4 Series devices with the Samsung Health Monitor app installed.

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