Salary Mining Token ($SLRM) Presale Starts On 18th April At

New York, NY, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Salary Eco Finance team is pleased to announce the Presale Launch of Salary Mining Token ($SLRM), which is set to take place on Pinksale on April 18th. Salary Mining Token represents the second token to be released by Salary Eco Finance, and officially memorializes the commencement of the Salary Eco Finance ecosystem.

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$SLRM is the first token to be tied to a physical, real-world crypto mining farm. $SLRM uniquely positions itself by using collected taxes and mining profits to purchase, maintain, and expand cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Salary Mining has already purchased and established nearly 30 mining rigs in Central Europe and Western Asia.  Together, they have already mined over $3,000 worth of crypto tokens.

The model for $SLRM is simple.  Taxes are set at 10% for both Buy and Sells:

5% goes towards the purchasing of Mining Equipment
2% goes towards ‘Buyback and Distribution’ of $SLR to $SLRM Holders
2% goes towards Marketing
1% goes towards Operating/Team Costs

As the Mining Rigs generate tokens – they are routinely sold.  Profits from the Mining Farm are distributed as follows:

85% goes toward ‘Buyback and Distribution of $SLR to $SLRM Holders
10% goes toward the purchasing of Mining Equipment
5% goes toward a ‘Buyback and Burn’ of $SLR + $SLRM

The synergy between $SLR and $SLRM is quite elegant – and ensures that even during low volume periods, the tokens will continue to hold.

$SLRM has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens – and is available at a rate of 30,000 $SLRM per 1 BNB during the Presale.  At Launch (April 18th, 20:00 UTC), $SLRM will trade at a rate of 29,000 per BNB.  The team has committed to a MASSIVE burn of the initial supply at Launch.

$SLRM has also forged partnerships with other projects in the DeFi space – to further diversify passive income streams for the users. With its Presale revenue, $SLRM will be looking to dramatically increase the size of its Mining Farm – to allow users to generate higher revenue.






Salary Mining Token

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