Regenerating, Restoring and Recharging – Water Management in the Face of Climate Change

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Penny Livingston-Stark is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker.

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Gaby Gonzales is a Soil Scientist, Architect, and Farmer in Michoacán, Mexico.


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The Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, a national nonprofit, is focused on healing people and the planet through Biodynamic Regenerative agriculture

Slowing water, creating systems that spread it and allow it to be stored naturally in the soil, these are the systems we need to implement to build resilience in communities.”

— Penny Livingston

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2023/ — Penny Livingston has been looking at ways to recharge our groundwater systems for more than 30 years. As recently reported in the New York Times, groundwater systems in the US are under threat, but awareness of the issue is minimal. Government solutions to address the problem are few and far between. As a world-renowned permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker, Penny Livingston has studied and spoken on the issue for decades.

“It has been the basis of my permaculture work,” Livingston said. “Groundwater recharge systems are powerful and take time to really be effective.” While the solutions are straightforward, Livingston says implementing them immediately is critical because nothing is a quick fix. The solutions also require re-framing our perspective on water. “I often say we have a water storage problem as much as a water shortage problem,” Livingston said. The best water storage system, according to Livingston, is healthy soil, and building soil takes years. From November 10-12, 2023, Penny Livingston and architect Gaby Gonzalez will partner up to present a three-day workshop on water management as part of the National Biodynamic Conference.

“Water is life, we all know this,” Gaby Gonzalez said. “Living in San Miguel, Mexico, and creating water systems to support a community when the average rainfall is only 609 mm [24 inches] meant we needed to create systems that would help us to manage water very well.” Starting with soil was the key, according to Gonzalaz. A biodynamic farmer and an architect, Gonzalez has seen the benefits of implementing regenerative biodynamic practices that not only help build soil but also restore balance and allow life to thrive.

“Slowing water, creating systems that spread it and allow it to be stored naturally in the soil, these are the systems we need to implement to build resilience in communities,” Livingston said. Slowing the water and creating natural storage systems are also needed to recharge the world’s groundwater systems. “It is all connected,” Livingston said. “We need to design our agricultural systems, communities, and urban environments with that in mind.”

The National Biodynamic Conference at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, CO, from November 8-12 will provide an opportunity for farmers, urban planners, and landscape architects, as well as backyard gardeners, to work with Penny Livingston and Gaby Gonzalez to improve water management systems on a small and large scale. For more information about the National Biodynamic Conference, visit


About the National Biodynamic Conference: The Biodynamic Conference brings together farmers, gardeners, educators, students, activists, entrepreneurs, and others interested in biodynamics from across the United States — and beyond. The largest Biodynamic gathering in the US, this Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, question, share, and explore over five days of programming. In addition, we are holding the first-ever Biodynamic Producers Showcase, open to the ticketed public, on Saturday, November 11, from 12-6 p.m., which will be the largest gathering of biodynamic producers ever assembled.

The National Biodynamic Conference is sponsored by: Foxhollow Farm, One Gun Ranch, Earth and Humanity Foundation, Slow Money Institute, Regenerative Rising, Solspring Foods Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seeds, Heart & Soil Magazine, Frey Vineyards, Acres U.S.A., The Living Lands Trust, SeaCoast Compost, Chelsea Green Publishing, J. Dirt Wines, Traditional Medicinals, Benzinger Winery, Troon Vineyard and Montinore Estates.

About the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance: The Biodynamic Demeter Alliance represents all of the Biodynamic Demeter certified producers in the United States and provides farmer education and networking support for other farmers and gardeners utilizing biodynamic practices. Our mission is to heal people and the planet through agriculture. We advance the adoption of biodynamic practices among growers and bring together producers, distributors, advocates, consumers, and policymakers to create a thriving, equitable agricultural system that nurtures and supports the well-being of communities economically, environmentally, and spiritually.

About Penny Livingston is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker. She holds an MS in Eco-Social Regeneration and 3 Diplomas in Permaculture Design. Penny has taught hundreds of Permaculture Design Certification courses worldwide. She co-created the Ecological Design Program at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture and Permaculture Program at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and co-founded the West Marin Grower’s Group, the West Marin Farmers Market, and the Community Land Trust Association of Marin.

About Gabriela González is a soil scientist, an architect, and a third-generation Mexican farmer, descended from a proud campesino grandfather and schooled by her father in the ways of modern industrial agriculture, an approach she found seriously flawed. The lessons she learned from both of them found a new meaning when she discovered biodynamic agriculture. It became its lifestyle and the way to attract tools for the challenges to come in life and the deepening in learning the language of nature

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