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London, United Kingdom, Aug. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The crypto industry’s development never stops, even for a minute during the recent two-months long price correction. While traders and investors were considering their next move, platforms like Plethori continued to develop and work on improving their product.

For example, the Plethori team recently implemented a brand-new upgrade that is significantly impacting its ecosystem. The upgrade will do several things, including providing the project with the backbone it requires in order to release its ETF trading ecosystem.

Apart from that, the changes are also said to be capable of reducing the project’s staking fees quite dramatically. And, finally, the project’s team is also launching an upgraded cryptocurrency — which will supersede the existing token.

Furthermore, the developers have built a new staking contract that features brand new, highly modern functions which are meant to enhance user experience.

What Is Plethori’s New PLE Token All About?

As mentioned, Plethori’s developers have launched an improved token, PLE, which was written to be in perfect compliance with the latest version of Solidity (v.0.8.6). As such, it will have the same tokenomics, supply, and other attributes as the original PLE token. 

Importantly, the token has been through a scrupulous security and functionality auditing process conducted by cybersecurity industry leader, Hacken. This is the company that has audited some of the largest projects and businesses in the crypto industry, including, FTX, 1inch Exchange, VeChain, and others.

The new token was just launched on Uniswap V3, with a price of $0.035 per coin. PLE holders who still hold the old version of the coin can still go and exchange them for the new tokens. In order to swap them, they will have to unstake them and send them to this swapping address:


By depositing, tokens will be swapped 1:1 and distributed every evening until August 12th. After this date, swaps will no longer be possible every day, but only once per week, each Thursday. This will continue until all tokens are swapped.

Meanwhile, all trading of old tokens should be ceased but rather exchanged.

Plethori Brings Improvements to Its Staking Platform

While the token itself is certainly a big deal for the project, it is far from being the only new thing. The project also has a new staking platform that has been optimized specifically to guarantee a secure avenue for earning passive income. The team has solved the issue of high gas fees by launching the new token. On top of that, they made changes to the original staking contract code, and they added a function for compounding earned rewards.

There is also a new auto-claim function for those who decide to unstake their coins. Lastly, one more thing should be noted by the project’s fans and users, and that is the fact that the project will not charge staking fees at all for the entire first week post-launch. This decision was made in order for the project to show its gratitude towards its community, which has been patient and supportive while developers worked on improvements .

The V1 exchange is expected to go live in around 1-2 weeks, so it’s crucial that community members swap their tokens, especially if they’d like to benefit from the staking fee suspension. Now is an exciting time for Plethori, in the coming weeks there will be significant announcements that further solidify the success of the platform. 

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