RED FM Announces ‘The Audio Film Project’ Season 2 with Vikram Bhatt

93.5 RED FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network announced season 2 of ‘The Audio Film Project’. The radio show will be hosted by the maverick filmmaker Vikram Bhatt starting from 4th July, Every Monday to Friday at 9 pm.


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The Audio Film Project with Vikram Bhatt Season 2 on RED FM


Audio content is emerging from the shadows and becoming a real asset in the content marketing space. RED FM being the trailblazer in experimenting with the imagination and audio form of content came up with ‘The Audio Film Project’. The first season of the show was released last year and was critically acclaimed among listeners. The unique sound experiences and exceptional narration by Vikram Bhatt deeply affected the listeners and made the show a tremendous success. 


After outshining himself as the director of high-intensity dark movies, Vikram Bhatt is back in the role of an uncanny storyteller with season 2 of RED FM’s ‘The Audio Film Project’. In the 12-week on-air show he will be telling six spine-chilling & nail-biting suspense, mysteries & crime tales that will take you on a gripping ride. 


Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, said, “We created ‘The Audio Film Project’ with the intent of giving the listeners a never-before experience in the form of audio series. As a pioneer in exploring and experimenting with the audio content, we were overwhelmed with the love and appreciation that ‘The Audio Film Project’ received. As we continue in our endeavours we bring to you another rip-roaring season of ‘The Audio Film Project’ with the maestro movie maker Vikram Bhatt. We truly hope that you show the same love and support as you did last year. Maybe, even more this time.”


Talking about the initiative, Vikram Bhatt, said, “I thought of The Audio Film Project because Nisha Narayanan at RED FM was enthusiastic enough to partner with it and also clever enough to see how the changing world can actually be augmented by this sense of closing your eyes and imagining a story. It was RED FM that came up with this title, The Audio Film Project because it was a film on audio and it was their ingenious line that says ‘Aankhen Band Karke Dekho’ which is fabulous and with that we are coming up with the second season. This season is nothing but the permission the audience has given us to continue. Whenever I had a successful film and I was asked how I felt, I said to myself and to the people who asked me that a successful film is nothing but the permission to make another one, and The Audio Film Project Season 1 gave us the permission to make the next one. That is special and I am grateful to the listeners who have made this journey into something spectacular. I thank them and I thank RED FM for having faith in me and in the fact that people can see with their eyes closed.” 


The Audio Film Project will also be available on RED FM India app and all leading podcast platforms.


About 93.5 RED FM

RED FM stands out as not only India’s largest radio channels, but also one of the biggest entertainment networks. We are hyperlocal, hypervocal and with our brand philosophy and attitude ‘Bajaate Raho!’ We are at the core of millennials’ hearts. By leveraging our two decades-old legacy and expertise, we sow the seeds of a ‘larger than life experience’. We thrive on the emotional connect with the listeners and audience fashioned through a massive footprint of 68 radio stations across the country. We create original podcasts, digital shows, and on ground events, feature independent music, make 360-degree noise, and speak the truth. As the ‘station of expression’ RED FM boasts of over 431 award winning campaigns Including Best Brand, Best FM Station, and Best RJs.

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