RailMitra Helping Passengers With Best Indian Railways Enquiry Services

RailMitra, an AI-enabled app, assists passengers in checking all the information related to a train journey. Now, rail passengers won’t need to face any confusion in checking trains between stations, PNR status, train schedule etc. The app manages to deliver current time information and saves you from travel anxiety. 


Travelling fills us with enthusiasm, but its planning gives us worriment, whether going home or visiting some other city. From which train we can travel to the destination, which train time will suit my requirements, in which train the seat is available, what would be the fare, will my ticket get confirmed, what will be there to eat during the journey; all kinds of questions start hitting our head when we think of travelling.


RailMitra is the solution to all those queries. It provides various tools in one place that you can use to get answers to all your railway enquiries and ease your journey.


Why Is RailMitra a Helpful Friend of Each Train Traveller? 


Earlier, Rail passengers needed to visit various sites for railway enquiries. But, it would be great to get all the answers simultaneously and in the same place. It is what the thought used to hit the mind of the founder of RailMitra, Manish Chandra.


“It always bothers me why I can’t get answers to all of my queries at a single place that I need during my train journey like PNR Status, trains between stations, train time table, live train running status etc. Visiting different sites and searching the best answer for the same caused me to waste my time. Apart from that, there were also no sites that could predict the confirmation chances of my waiting ticket. I observed this was not only my problem but a problem faced by all railway passengers. Therefore, I planned a project with my team and we have launched the RailMitra app and website as a companion of rail passengers in 2018 with the motto to simplify the rail journey. ”


– Manish Chandra, Founder, RailMitra


Powerful Rail Enquiry Tools Provided by RailMitra 


  1. PNR Status: RailMitra has dedicated space to get PNR details, including passenger’s general information, journey details, ticket confirmation status, and transaction details. RailMitra app’s feature check PNR status also provides PNR prediction that tells ticket confirmation chances of your RAC/waitlisted ticket. It predicts 99% accurate PNR confirmation chances using the vast database of Indian Railways ticket booking & confirmation records.


  1. Order Food on Train: With RailMitra app, you can order food on train using your ticket’s PNR number. The rail apps offer a variety of foods in front of passengers, including South Indian cuisines, North Indian dishes, regional food, Chinese food, veg food, non-veg food and Jain food. Meals on wheels services of RailMitra help the passengers manage food hygiene in trains by serving fresh and hot food.


  1. Train Schedule: Train Time Table helps us a lot in deciding which train we should choose to travel. Its fixed arrival and departure time, how many stoppages it has, and whether a railway station near your destination has a train stoppage or not. The train schedule feature of this online platform can answer all these questions. Rail tool of RailMitra provides an extended list of trains with their time table to help passengers plan their journey more efficiently.


  1. Train Between Stations: Rail tools trains between stations let passengers know how many trains run between their origin and destination stations. It helps the passenger decide which train they should take for their journey.


  1. Train Seat Availability: RailMitra also helps check seat availability in different trains that aids the passenger in choosing the correct train, which has high chances of confirmation. Comparing train seat availability in different coaches in train also aids the passenger in deciding which class they should book the ticket.


  1. Train Fare Enquiry: RailMitra understands how much your budget is valuable. It represents the fare of different trains that help passengers choose the train that meets their pocket. Train Fare also supports the passenger in considering their average travel expense.


  1. Live Station Train: If a passenger is in a hurry to reach their destination and wants to know if there is any train for them in some hours? With RailMitra’s Live station train feature, they can check live station train arrival and departure time. This railway enquiry app shows trains which will come within 2 to 4 hours to go to your desired station.


  1. Live Train Running Status: Passengers travelling by train now don’t need to ask another individual which station they have reached or where the train took halt! They can check the live train running status at their fingertips. Train live status helps passengers recognise their location and don’t let them miss their destination station.


  1. Station Details: With this feature of the rail app, you can check different trains that originate, terminate and halt at any particular station. One can also learn about trains that go to any particular route.


  1. Rail News: With the RailMitra app, you can also know the latest updates about Indian Railways, IRCTC tour packages, tips to plan great train tours, many admiring stories of the rail journey, and many more.


RailMitra ensures passengers get high-quality rail services from planning, enacting, travelling, and reaching their destination. So, from now on, spot your train, check PNR status, train live running status, and station details smartly with the RailMitra app.


RailMitra is your best travel companion, use its tools to ease your journey experience.

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