Quannabu to revolutionise CBD industry with new blockchain Trust Platform, CBD testing, and growing facilities

LONDON, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Following the announcement of their token sale on the 17th May on LATOKEN and EXMARKETS, the future looks green for Quannabu, the world’s only CBD company to sit on and above the blockchain set to be one of the most exciting projects to enter the crypto space in a long time; QuannabuTrust and QuannabuPay

With the explosive growth of the CBD market, the hemp industry is growing faster than government officials and policymakers can keep up. Enter Quannabu, which looks to leverage blockchain to solve the current banking, payment, and compliance issues impeding the growth of the CBD industry. 

“The key to unlocking the full potential of the CBD industry is providing an open and trustworthy supply chain,” says Steve Shearing, Managing Director at Quannabu. “Policymakers across the globe simply can’t regulate a product they can’t track. The QuannabuTrust platform will address these regulatory concerns of policymakers in different regions, leveraging our blockchain technology as a solution to enable transparency within the complex CBD supply chain.”

Hemp and CBD products from across the world are available to consumers today, with health and wellness benefits backed by scientific research. However, the greater the options and accessibility, the greater the accompaniment of increasing complexity in the CBD supply chain. With expanding ecosystems and accelerated growth in the industry, the importance of trust backed by reliable data is more critical than ever before.

“On the whole, it’s a very exciting time for the CDB industry,” continues Steve, “the demand for CBD in the health and wellness sector is at an all-time high.”

The QuannabuTrust platform will utilise the undisputable nature of blockchain technology to create a transparent and trustworthy CBD supply chain. Open access to certified supply chain data will increase visibility and empower consumers, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and everyone in between with confidence and trust in the companies they purchase and consume products from.

QuannabuTrust will use transparency to build trust, ensuring that transparency enables the long-term growth and sustainability of the expanding CBD industry. 

“Another pain-point for the industry is payments,” says Steve. “Banks and financial institutions are unwilling to facilitate transactions for hemp-derived goods due to unclear regulations.”

The next game-changing offering from Quannabu is QuannabuPay, a frictionless blockchain payments platform where businesses and consumers can quickly and easily transfer verified funds. The implementation of Quannabu tokens (QBU) is the logical solution to a market experiencing ongoing regulation changes. It readily solves the current banking and payment issues, a major factor impeding the potential market growth.

“The initial response we have received for QuannabuPay has been overwhelming,” proclaims Steve, “it will allow CBD goods to move swiftly and freely up the supply chain. Removing the need for traditional intermediaries, security, speed, and cost savings are among the many advantages.”

Quannabu crown their trailblazing range of initiatives with QuannabuLabs, leading CBD manufacturing and testing facilities, and QuannabuGrow, pharmaceutical-grade hemp growing facilities.

“The very nature of blockchain technology provides a solid foundation for our projects,” says Anthony Smith, Chief Technical Director at Quannabu. “However, we realised quite early on to fully support the growth of the industry we need to build the physical infrastructures that sit above the level of the blockchain.”

While previous attempts have been made to advance the CBD industry with blockchain technologies, they lacked the physical infrastructure required to improve the entire ecosystem. Quannabu is custom building a cutting-edge CBD manufacturing and testing laboratory capable of offering unrivalled assurances and certifications. It is the only operation in the world dedicated to improving the complete scope of CBD-related activities both on and above the blockchain level.

By producing and testing CBD in state-of-the-art laboratories with staff registered by the HMRA in GMP and MHRA compliance, and with every batch tested and traced, Quannabu’s products and testing facilities will meet the most demanding quality standards necessary to be considered medical grade.

“We have a golden opportunity to demonstrate how the cultivation, manufacture, and testing of CBD products can and should be done to satisfy all government and regulatory bodies and safeguard the future of the industry,” says Steve. “With medical-grade facilities, we will set the gold standard for accurate and certified test data and certifications.”

Quannabu will integrate Quannabu Tokens (QBU) tokens to help the industry easily penetrate the cryptocurrency market and ensure a smooth experience for users while making financial transactions. This offering from Quannabu is one of the most exciting projects to enter the crypto space in a long time.

About Quannabu  

Quannabu is a UK-based company and the only operation in the world dedicated to improving the complete scope of CBD-related activities both on and above the blockchain level. It is currently raising capital to expand its blockchain and growing arms. 

To join the revolution, visit www.quannabu.com

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