QJumpers Named 'Most Innovative Recruitment Software Provider' in the 2021 Software and Technology Awards

PLANO, Texas, Nov. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Simon Oldham, Co-Founder, talks about his first-hand experience of the business’ success.

“Utilizing the innate culture of New Zealand, QJumpers use a collaborative approach to understand and deliver client needs. Company values are centered through this collaborative model, and I have seen the positive effects this culture has on the business.”

“Clients come first, and we do whatever we can to ensure that our customers feel that they are listened to. This carries over to the recruitment of our own team – nurturing our strong company culture is essential. We look for people who work well in our team, where they support others and go out of their way to get a successful outcome. We want open communication so that nothing is swept under the carpet. Everyone in our team contributes to innovation and so we look for people who are happy to talk openly about their ideas or find ways to improve what we do.”

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, adaptations needed to be made in the way that the world recruited. Remote hiring technology became essential. QJumpers was already designed for remote hiring and collaboration but to stay ahead of the competition, QJumpers made significant changes to improve the services offered to clients. Simon explains, “Being able to recruit for skilled candidates from anywhere and ensure that they are a good match for their business is more critical than ever – but now it also needs to be done remotely. AI, automation, and collaborative tools are essential to enable this, so during the global pandemic we released our new product – AI Talent Sourcing.”

“We wanted to make finding and hiring talent as fast and painless as possible for clients through AI and automation. Competition for top talent is hotter than ever so having technology available to source those roles that can’t be filled by traditional means or finding people who are not already in your existing database is now key.”

“During this time, we also developed new (patent pending) technology to collect confidential candidate information to make it easier to onboard new employees remotely and we enhanced our employment agreement/offer letter electronic signing module.”

Always on the lookout for new opportunities for betterment, QJumpers ensure new ideas are embedded into their business to constantly evolve. Ultimately, QJumpers are a perfect example of a honed and perfected collaborative business culture.

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