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LONDON, UK , July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Purrnelopes Country Club is delighted to announce its entry into the lucrative world of play-to-earn. The elite NFT membership project today revealed that it has begun developing plans to create an NFT-based token that will allow its members to earn money as part of their daily lives.

Made up of 10,000 unique NFTs that grant holders access to its country club, unique membership benefits, and a voice in shaping the future of the club; the project has partnered with EntityBuilds to develop the required infrastructure that will make their entry into the space possible.

Only recently, Purrnelopes Country Club completed its eight airdrop plan, which calls for one airdrop per month – with multiple utility prongs for each of the eight. Holders of the amazing NFT have been able to claim a free ENS Subdomain, allowing them to turn their username into a profile picture and wallet address, collectively own a 1000 ETH floor collection of NFTs called the “KittyVault,” and receive 8 airdrops – all with claimable companion NFTs or physical collectibles.

As the larger NFT community continues to admire the PCC.eth members on Twitter and Discord – due to the benefits in transactions they enjoy and have decided to join in, the project has hinted that its ENS subdomain innovation will gradually evolve into a social play-to-earn game.

Although the project is developing its own $TOKEN which will be generated daily, it has however announced that players of the new game will “earn reputation” as rewards for their participation, and not the new $TOKEN.

Mastermind, NFT veteran, and pioneer in the field of non-fungible tokens, Peter Thomson, recently disclosed updates of the project’s future contained in a Roadmap 2.0 which he shared on Twitter. Also known as Carlini8, the Purrnelopes Country Club founder has proven his ability to lead and build one of the best NFT projects, which continues to deliver updates that directly benefit its members.

On its part, EntityBuilds is a Minecraft Build Team that specializes in creating impressive Minecraft builds for all clients, especially server owners. The company is responsible for creating NFTWorld metaverse – four fully fleshed out play-to-earn games based on the Minecraft codebase which is arguably the most battle-tested gaming technology known to man.

To learn more about the amazing project and its entry into the play-to-earn space, please reach out to Purrnelopes Country Club via the contact info below.

About Carlini8 & The Celebrities Behind Purrnelopes Country Club

Peter Thomson, or Carlini8, is the founder of Purrnelopes Country Club, which has attracted some of the biggest players in the industry, as well as many iconic celebrities. Popular figures like Coco who is rumored to have been the first collector with a billion-dollar valued portfolio, while the recently crowned “King of NFTs” — J1mmy.eth, is also a huge lover of Purrnelopes Country Club and has shown great support for the community. Other prominent holders of the token include Mev Collector, DCL Blogger, GG14, BrandonKangFilms, Barthazian, and Alexander Taub.


Purrnelopes Country Club

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