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PureForge® Brakes Sponsors NAFA The Best 100 Fleet Awards

PureForge® Brakes Sponsors NAFA The Best 100 Fleet Awards

pureforge brakes

PureForge Brakes a registered trademark

PF Brakes a registered trademark

PF Brakes

Atomic Forging Works and PureForge Proves It

We are so confident in nanotechnology and the atomic forging process of PureForge Brakes that we are proud to be sponsoring the NAFA 100 Best Fleet awards for commercial and retail fleets.”

— Gordon Heidacker

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN, USA, April 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — PureForge is so confident in nanotechnology and the atomic forging process of PureForge Brakes that they are proud to be sponsoring the NAFA 100 Best Fleet awards for commercial and retail fleets. PureForge also decided to sponsor the Green Energy award because of the breakthrough technology, which increases rotor and pad life exponentially and reduces and controls brake dust, a known environmental air pollutant and carcinogen.

At this year’s show, PureForge ®Brakes is introducing 27 vehicle brake kits for class 1-5 vehicle fleet owners. “The inherent properties we infuse in every PureForge Brake rotor led to huge savings in the total cost of ownership (TCO) for these fleets. It’s a considerable saving not to be overlooked”, says PureForge CEO Gordon Heidacker. “The TCO calculated for a national last-mile delivery service with a fleet of 41,500 vehicles is 676 million dollars over eight years”, he added. “Those are real savings!”

PureForge® braking systems of rotors and pads excel well past known OEM brake endurance patterns. In a recent test of longevity and durability, “the brakes stand up to everything fleet drivers throw at them. The last mile delivery services are tough on brakes, and quick, rapid starts and abrupt stops are not a challenge for the patented nanotechnology, Atomic Forged, PureForge Brakes,” says Director of PureForge Testing, Dave Sherman.

“We are delighted with PureForge’s performance on fleet units,” says CEO Gordon Heidacker. “For TCO, I’ll put our brakes up against anyone else for savings, durability, longevity, and performance, including some of the most well-known brands,” says Heidacker.

NAFA 2024 tagline is a journey towards new frontiers and big possibilities. Indeed, the attendees are embarking on a new journey with PureForge Brakes and their patented process called Atomic Forging—for huge brake TCO SAVINGS.

PureForge® technology is a 21st Century Automotive Technology Company. The PureForge® proprietary technology addresses high brake maintenance costs associated with common performance brake wear concerns.

PureForge® has innovated an Atomic-Forging® technology that addresses many of the standard performance industry issues related to current brake systems and has the potential to disrupt the global brake industry and build valued OEM, Fleet, and high-performance brands. PureForge brake technology has five main advantages over standard-wear brakes.

1. Longevity – PureForge’s ® Proprietary technology is a multi-layer treatment that penetrates the cast iron rotor surface, leading to one of the significant features of the Pure Forge technology– longevity. PureForge’s proprietary rotor treatment, coupled with the recommended brake pads, can extend rotor life up to 10x and pad life up to 2x. Substantiated by Link Engineering Testing J-2707

2. Brake Dust – OEMs are facing regulations on reducing Brake Dust. A significant reduction in brake dust has been observed. This technological advantage could be fully ESG compliant and could reduce CO2 emissions. Also, Pure Forge Brakes meets EU7 brake dust regulations for the European Union.

3. Rust Resistance—Rust has been a long-term issue with brakes, particularly in northern climates. Pure Forge’s proprietary treatment, when coupled with recommended brake pads, subjected to proper break-in and continued use, is resistant to heavy corrosion on the wear surface.

4. Lightweighting—Eliminating weight on a vehicle has desirable effects on cost, performance, and fuel economy. Pure Forge’s proprietary technology may result in reduced rotor wear, potentially reducing rotor weight. Controlling the brake wear surface also allows the potential to re-engineer the complete brake rotor to optimize weight reduction and performance further.

5. Branding—A PureForge®

Exclusive. To our knowledge, no one else can achieve a lasting version of this product attribute. Since the wear surface is controlled, PF technology allows you to add logo identifiers to the brake wear surface, and the logo will not diminish. It is possible to outlast the rotor’s useful life. Testing and development on this exciting branding opportunity will begin in mid-2024.

PureForge Inc. is ADVANCING STRATEGIC Economic and Environmental opportunities in mobility. For more information on these value propositions, contact.

Tim Hartge
PureForge Inc
+1 248-514-0987
email us here


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