Pure Flour from Europe: Quality, Safety and Versatility

When you bite into a crisply crusted, light and airy pizza, fork up the most tender fresh pasta, swoon over tender pastries, break open a crusty loaf of bread or lunch on a super-satisfying delicious sandwich, you are enjoying the best: foods made of European flour. Local dishes, too: your parathas will be the most tender and flaky, when you are using European flour.


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Silvio Grassi – President of ITALMOPA


Pure Flour from Europe” is a promotion campaign launched by ITALMOPA – the Italian Milling Industry Association – and Co-financed by the European Commission with the aim of increasing awareness among professionals, opinion leaders and consumers in India about the superior quality and uniqueness of flour from Europe and Italy as well as its versatile applications in classic EU and local recipes. 

“Europeans, and Italians in particular, pay special attention to the type of flour they choose for a reason: the best flour makes the best dish,” says the President of ITALMOPA, Silvio Grassi. “From the selection of the best grains, the skilful mix of traditional ways of heritage and cutting-edge technology, European and Italian flour adheres to the stringent quality standards required of the EU, delivering the highest quality product to you, for your recipes.”


While the majority of flour in the Indian market is milled locally and sold loose, Pure Flour from Europe is more secure: sealed, carefully marked, and traceable all the way back to the plants in the field.


With the pizza segment growing rapidly, with new add-ons like gluten-free, vegan etc, we are confident that Pure Flour from Europe will have good market acceptability. Whether a food professional, chef, home cook, opinion leader, or if you just love to eat delicious food, we are here for you. European and Italian flour is already available in key metro cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.


For in-depth glimpses into the European and Italian flour industry or for some delicious recipes using Italy’s finest flour, visit our website www.pureflourfromeurope.com and follow us on Instagram @pureflourfromeurope & on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pureflourfromeurope.


Look for us, as well, at leading International Food Trade Shows: we will be present at the upcoming editions of SIAL, ANNAPOORNA and AAHAR.


About Pure Flour from Europe

Pure Flour from Europe is a marketing and promotion programme launched in India by ITALMOPA, the Italian Milling Industry Association and co-sponsored by European Union. 


Our aim is to increase awareness among professionals, opinion leaders and consumers in India on the quality and uniqueness of flour from Europe as well as its versatile use in classic EU and local recipes.


For more information about Pure Flour From Europe, or on planned activities and events visit our website, email us or follow us on our public profiles as follows:


Website: www.pureflourfromeurope.com

Instagram: pureflourfromeurope

Facebook: pureflourfromeurope

Email: contact@pureflourfromeurope.com

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