Promise Token Launches Decentralized Lottery

Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For those that are unaware, Promise is the world’s first BEP20-based token based on trust. The token guarantees price increase, as token holders promise to hold it for at least 15 days. Promise tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges.

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In a bid to further deepen the project for adoption, the team behind Promise is proud to launch its decentralized lottery, which based around instant payouts. Being a decentralized Web3.0 lottery, the Promise lottery has a built-in coordinator fees and partner system to strengthen the ecosystem. This feature adds liquidity to the lottery. You can also participate in different pools.

Each pool has infinite rounds; this means there is no limit to the number of bets you can place in the lottery. Plus, winners are randomly selected by the smart contract. Liquidity increases with every game that is played in the lottery. The available tokens will be bought from the market and burnt to trigger a shortage.

The Promise Lottery will payout 82% to winners, 3% to referral, and 15% to Promise token liquidity or burn on each turn. After the first pool is successfully done, 15% goes to the liquidity, and then the following time when the pool is successfully completed, the 15% tokes are bought and burned, to help build an artificial scarcity. And the same cycle is followed on.

What Makes The Promise Lottery Unique?

The key drivers that stand the Promise lottery out are safety, security, decentralization, reliability, and fun. Other reasons why gamers prefer the Promise lottery are:

Instant Payouts

The Promise Lottery guarantees instant payouts. As soon as one win any game and place a withdrawal request, your payment request would be processed instantly. Also, being a decentralized lottery, gamers are totally in control of their funds.

Affiliate Program

The Promise lottery pays 3% lifetime commission for every person you’re to refer to play games in the lottery. To participate in the lottery, you must install MetaMask or Trustwallet. Kindly visit for more information about Promise Lottery.

About Promise
Promise is a BEP20-based token based on trust. The token guarantees price increase, as token holders promise to hold it for at least 15 days. Token holders that fulfill their promise of holding the token for 15 days would be listed on the wall of honor. Conversely, those that couldn’t hold their tokens for 15 days will be listed on the wall of shame.

Promise tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges with the trading pair BNB/PROMISE or ETH/PROMISE. Promise is verified and all users on BSC explorer can view the Promise smart contract. Similarly, all executed transactions and balances can be viewed on the BSC network. Promise Token parades a team of experienced and knowledgeable blockchain and seasoned Fintech experts; as such, the project is bound to gain traction.

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