Producer Vikram Jamwal, Founder of Anar India App and Vikram Jamwal Foundation Setting New Examples for Youth

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Vikram Jamwal is actively involved in helping the needy of Jammu and Kashmir as a social worker. He always meets the people of Jammu and Kashmir to better understand their problems, and tries his best to help them in every way. Though the thoughts and thinking of Vikram Jamwal are very mature, he is truly a gem of a social person. Vikram Jamwal is setting an example for all the youth, who often forget that when the nation gives you something, you too should give something to the nation. Proud to see people like Vikram Jamwal, who always talk about the development of society and nation.


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Vikram Jamwal, Founder and CEO, Anar India


The aim of Vikram Jamwal is not only to help the people of Jammu and Kashmir, but also to provide high employment opportunities to the youth of our country. During the achievements of the Vikram Jamwal Foundation, he has set a goal of elevating people to greater heights. Vikram Jamwal always meets to understand the problems of the people better, and does everything possible to help them in every way. Therefore, he honors people wherever he goes, and he has become a role model for the youth of the country, although his thoughts and thinking are very mature.


Vikram Jamwal’s Anar app is the first Vocal for Local Digital Connect platform in India, where local vendors will have the opportunity to showcase and advertise various services by offering hyper discounts to consumers on the Anar e-commerce platform. Anar India is covering almost all areas to increase the target audience of sellers. Vikram Jamwal’s Anar India believes that digitalization of Jammu and Kashmir will create a source of employment for the youth and thereby benefit the local economy by keeping the promise of vocals for the local. The Anar India marketing and PR is managed by Fametick Media.

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