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Coachable for Software Engineers

Coachable for Software Engineers

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2022 / — Ivy Leaguer, by way of Princeton University, Darek Johnson, is the founder and CEO of Coachable, a fully remote mentorship to help candidates break into software engineering jobs at companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Mr. Johnson bootstrapped this startup from zero to ten million by surrounding himself with a team of astute professionals whose sole purpose is to help participants land that perfect job. In fact, Coachable has helped over 300 international students and recent college graduates get jobs in FAANG-level companies in the past year. Their success stories resonate in positions acquired at industry giants like Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitch, Stripe, Robinhood, and more.

The mission statement of this game changing company makes it very clear, “Coachable believes that anyone that works hard deserves a great job. Everyone starts with a different set of privileges or resources — not everyone has access to structured schooling or mentors. Our goal is to provide our students with mentorship, structure, and guidance to make sure that anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves can attain their desired job and make a great living. Compared to other institutions, we focus on working with those that may not appear strong by conventional standards but have the traits that make someone ‛Coachable’”.

A recent report from showed the underserved demographic fares poorly regarding sustaining a software engineering job; “Asians 33.0%, Hispanic or Latino 6.9%, Black or African Americans, a mere 4.9% compared to white engineers 52.3%. The mentors at Coachable want to break the mold of what a software engineer usually looks like and help more diverse people land software engineering roles. These highly trained and dedicated coaches are available to assist anyone willing to work hard and become coachable. Those fresh out of college can get a great paying engineering position if they meet certain skill requirements and dedicate themselves to following the Coachable program. Even students from Optional Practical Training (OPT) can land roles as experienced software engineers with the resources and guidance FAANG engineers currently employed at Google, Amazon, and other large tech companies.

Coachable has the utmost confidence in their preparation skills in rendering each student ready for their dream job. Coachable makes these promises:
Salary Guarantee: “Coachable students make $140,000 a year on average. If you don’t land a job paying over $100k, you don’t pay us.”
Timeline Guarantee: “If you follow our guidance precisely yet don’t land a job within 12 months, then your deposit is entirely returned to you.”

The reviews speak for themselves with five stars across the board; “The team at [Coachable] was very helpful in preparing me for landing a position at a big tech company. Throughout my time with starting their program, I struggled a lot, and I was in the program for a long amount of time. However, I was able to land an offer with Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. It definitely was a hurdle, but they had faith in me throughout the process and I am truly grateful for it.” Stephen D.

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