Premier car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz deploys Pickcel digital signage software to power its corporate screens

Pickcel Digital Signage

Pickcel Digital Signage

Key Benefits of Pickcel Digital Signage Software

Key Benefits of Pickcel Digital Signage Software

Pickcel Application Dashboard

Pickcel Application Dashboard

Mercedes chooses Pickcel from halfway across the globe to power its corporate office screens. It shows how stable brands do business: quality over everything.

“The technical team at Mercedes wanted top-notch security and maximum control over the application. It was mutually agreed that an on-premise solution would better suit their needs.””

— Basudev Saha, CTO & Co-Founder, Pickcel

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2022 / — German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz deploys Pickcel’s digital signage software at its Berlin corporate office. Pickcel is a leading SaaS brand; the company offers both on-premise and cloud-based signage solutions.

“The technical team at Mercedes wanted top-notch security and maximum control over the application. It was mutually agreed that an on-premise solution would better suit their needs,” remarks Basudev Saha, Co-founder & CTO of Pickcel. “We did some backend customizations and delivered them a highly secure, authentication-locked platform.”

Traditionally, deploying on-premise solutions on client servers has been a limiting factor in the globalization of a brand as it requires the local presence of the brand or corporate tie-ups with regional service partners. What makes the Mercedes project a big success for Pickcel is that the undertaking, in its entirety, was executed remotely. From hosting the software on the client’s private data center in Berlin to post-installation training and guidance: all was done from halfway across the world.

In fact, in recent years, there has been a growing number of business associations between overseas brands. The Pickcel-Mercedes overseas collaboration is yet another account of how successful and stable brands choose to do business: it is always quality of service over everything else.

A glance at Pickcel

The Pickcel software is a display and display content management system that allows brands to publish any content on any digital screen. The software streamlines media distribution by unifying advertising-entertainment-operation through a privately-controlled application.

Established in 2014, Pickcel is one of the fastest-growing brands in the digital signage domain. The brand witnessed prolific growth in less than a decade, expanding from Asia to Europe, MENA, and the US.

The German automobile manufacturer is not Pickcel’s first brush with A-list brands. Previously, the company has served major names like Amazon, Etisalat, Decathlon, NEC, and JW Marriott.

Being a horizontal business software, Pickcel serves a myriad of industries like corporate, retail, healthcare, education, hospitality, transport, media & advertisements. Within the software package, Pickcel offers multiple industry-specific solutions like:

Social wall (retail, corporate, media & publishing, hospitality, gyms & parlors)

Queue management system (healthcare, education, retail, QSR/restaurants, transport, banking & finance)

Digital car dealership signage (retail, manufacturing, service)

There are several other solutions like interactive touchscreen & touchless kiosks, video walls, digital product catalogs, digital menu boards, passenger information systems, visitor management solutions, and many more.

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